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Pack up and go home?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by jphanna, Jul 12, 2010.

  1. After 6 weeks of glorious Motorbike ownership, I finally had my first bad ride. What I do before a big new ride (140kms through twisty hills) , is study google maps for a nice ride, write down the instructions on a piece of paper (may have to turn off at critical point 10 times or so), then try and memorize the road to my destination. Not having a street directory is something im coming to terms with on a motorbike.

    Well after 90mins of studying this route, It was time to test it out. Well 15 mins in, i missed a critical turn off, ended up on a road deep into the hills, that had been blocked by the authorities THAT day. Even though it was the wrong road, it still would have got me to my first stop. Then I asked the cars that also got caught out, to look in their street directory, we found an alternative route on a back street.

    Went there, and then it turned into a dirt road….dirt windy roads, on wet surface, mud and a learner rider…not a good combo.

    Back track to the blocked intersection, stop at local residence, who say just turn left at next road, well there was 2 lefts. I took the wrong one. (this is in the thick hills and roads feed off each other in multiple directions). Turn around and go back. Head to next town. Another intersection with multiple small roads feeding of it, none of the names were on my instruction sheet in my pocket. It starts raining.

    Take a chance on the biggest road, and hope to see a road that may have a sign on that I may recognise the town. Finally get to one, and I find I am heading back in the WRONG direction along the correct road.

    I Pack up and go home. Normally I would come back from a ride thinking that its debatable what is more fun, sex, or riding my Motorbike….on this occasion, sex wins.

    I am gonna revisit my written plans, and I now know where I took the WRONG turn. I am determined to attempt this ride again, but for now, I had to accept that it just wasn’t meant to be that particular day.

    Have you had a ride gone wrong, and just gave up and went back home?
  2. Yes I have, and it's always the best decision, especially if the stuff-up has effected your state of mind; angry or frustrated riders can make mistakes or errors of judgment. To paraphrase an old proverb, 'he who rides, and rides away, lives to ride another day' ....
  3. Mmm, I seem to recall a detour off the Putty Road a couple of years ago that went similarly very bad very quickly...In that instance the "pack up and go home option" wasn't available. But, yes, I've turned around and gone home a few times and never been sorry about the decision.
  4. Technology is a wonderful thing. Street directory in my pocket. I can't count the number of times google maps mobile has helped me direct lost tourists in my area, or saved me when I've taken a wrong turn and ended up in unfamiliar streets.
  5. JUst head to RAA, get some maps of areas you ride.

    Plan off the maps, check on Google, take the maps
  6. After studying the Google maps, print them out and take them with you.
    Highlighting critical Turn Offs. They take up f'kall room in your pack or pocket.
    I usually keep the most "intricate/confusing" map on top, in the clear map pocket on top of my tank bag. That way it's ready for me.

    Takes the stress out of the ride.

    Also, as JuzzyDee said, iPhone or similar. Even with no service, you can still access the maps.
    Or you could throw your GPS in your bag if you have one (or both). (Bag & GPS that is) :wink:

    Hope this helps.

    Edit: toecutter posted about maps as I was typing on this ridiculously small iPhone keyboard!
    No! Really, they're great.:cheeky:
  7. Back in the days when I used to ride pillion, we decided to take a "short cut" from Esk to Crows Nest. Ended up being a rocky, steep, rough bush track that went for about 20klms or more, then we decided to ride home via Blackbutt, had no map with us of course, the road back ended up being a red dirt wet slippery road which also went on and on forever. It just wasnt a good day all round. Should have turned back, but just thought "it must get better soon" (never did though.)
  8. Sometimes, the roads you find by accident are the best ones. I can't say I've ever packed up & gone home becuase a ride wasn't working out.

    At least you didn't crash, & now you have some experience on a dirt road :)
  9. I love riding..even after crap weather or finding a nasty road surface ( I gotta say last Saturday night was slightly terrifying)..however, keep your cool. Every ride, no matter how long or short,how good or shitty will help make you a better rider.
  10. on this particular morning the clouds outside looked sketchy but i thought i'd take the chance and not put on my rain gear. it wasn't exactly too far to go...

    sure enough it started to spit and then the clouds opened up and it absolutely bucketed with rain.

    soaked right to the undies i decided to head back home and take a day off!
  11. Pfft it's a challenge. Go with it, dirt roads aren't as scary as what most people believe, and you normally come across some wonderful finds. One of my Favorite bits of road, ends in 12km's of dirt back to a sealed section. The views you get to appreciate as you plod up a hill at 20kph is worth it in that case.

    Remember, your not lost. Your having an adventure. But a GPS or phone will save you if you need to find fuel.
  12. Sometimes it's nice to just follow your nose....explore our wonderful country. I guess you need to be prepared to do that, The right bike for safe dirt road riding, decent fuel range, good wets and time... I hate having to get back home at a certain time! Life gets in the way of riding! LOL!!
  13. I guess it depends on your mood at the time. Sometimes im sure it is best to just go home. But the other times its called an adventure. One day you should make a point of getting lost and see where you end up and what roads take you there.
  14. I've been completely lost only 5k's from home in back streets at night time. ](*,)

    Got my mental map turned around 180 degrees in my head without knowing it.

    Eventually figured out where I was after riding along a main road for 10 minutes not recognising anything as I was heading in the opposite direction to what I thought.

    Still refusing to pay mobile companies exhorbitant charges for "features" such as GPS.

    Fun Ha!

  15. A seldom used, but very good, piece of Google Maps is Streetview. I use it often when planning a club ride, and can then visually check any junction at which I have to turn to see what it looks like and whether it is taking me down an unmade road.

    It's helped me plan an alternative route many, many times without having to go on a pre-ride only to find out the hard way!
  16. geez, you make riding sound like hard work and the prepping like homework for 140km? no wonder you just gave up..... i reckon you just need to toughen up strap the helmet on and make things up on the run
  17. Theres a saying mate, and it goes like this: Shit Happens.
    Real downer when you look forward to a ride and something goes tits up, but you will get over it the next good ride :D.

    Why plan so hard? Just get on the bike and go! Who cares where you end up :p. Unless you have the sense of direction my missus does of course..............
  18. HEY MUM,
    I wont be home for dinner, going for a ride..

    I rang her 3 days later from rockhampton.

    I did have a mapbook in the gearsack tho..
  19. ahahahaha! That is gold foot. I've done similar. Although not since I've had the bike, and definitely not since the kids arrived.
  20. Just treat it all as an adventure! Don't pick a destination, Pick a direction & see where it takes you.