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Pack Rack for Hornet 250

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Lowside, Feb 24, 2014.

  1. I was wondering if anyone knew of any luggage rack for the Honda CB250F, aka CB250 Hornet.
    We have tried contacting Ventura directly but still haven't been successful. Does anyone know of a brand, perhaps Japanese that would have a luggage rack for the 250 Hornet?

  2. Hey Lowside,
    I have got a little bag that clips onto the seat of my hornet. Doesn't sound like what you are looking for though. It is only enough for say a pair of shoes, jeans and a tee shirt.
  3. I was looking for more of a full on luggage rack, but if I can't find anything something like that would be fairly useful, as for the most part I'd be using it to pack things for gym and around mate's places.
  4. I'll check it out tonight and let you know what it is. Handy for a bottle of wine and take away too :)
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  6. I have a Givi rack on mine and a 42 litre Kappamoto box that clicks onto it. Here's one from eBay: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/HONDA-HOR...PLATE-FOR-GIVI-MONOKEY-TOP-CASE-/221363283647
    It's for the 600 but as you probably already know the 600 has the same frame as the 250. I'll have to double check if the "Givi Monokey plate" is the same one I have. There are two different plates Givi offer as far as I'm aware.
    And I've never seen so many Hornet 250's in the same thread here :happy:
  7. Jakey, you got there before me..... I'd be surprised if the rack for a 600 Hornet doesn't fit on just fine.

    Maybe, Lowside, you could find someone with a 600 Hornet and Ventura rack and do some measurements?
  8. I never realised they were the same frame
    I know someone with a 600 Hornet and Ventura rack, mine is '07 and their's is '99 I think, will they still be the same size frame?

    Cheers for the links guys, super helpful so far :)
  9. Well, as luck would have it my Mum's '98 Hornet 600 came with a Ventura rack on it. But as unluck would have it, it didn't fit onto my 1996 Hornet 250.
    I've mock put it on to show you guys. I couldn't really explain it without pics. Here's the 600 with it on:
    Hornet 600.
    But compare where I've circled in green to the 250:
    Hornet 250.JPG

    The 250 is missing that flange thing off the bracket, so I couldn't secure the rack properly. From what I've seen though, the later Hornet 250's had a bracket like my Mums 600.

    And yes, my Mum rides a faster, bigger, slighty newer, and a much much MUCH less shitty bike than me, hehe :D
  10. It's pretty scarey when you find out that your Mum is also, in her spare time, so to speak, a proper human being, as well as a Mum.
  11. Yes my '07 does have the flange thingo although I have to take off the plastic...whatever it is below the seat in order to access it
    I can't link the photo as I haven't been registered 4 days yet :/
  12. Well, I can tell you that the Givi rack I linked certainly does fit on my 250. It did cost me a lot to set up though; Givi aren't cheap, and the postage from the UK killed me, but very sturdy and good quality. I would've gone with Ventura and just used the universal mounting plate that generally come with top boxes, but couldn't find existence of such a thing. The only thing stopping me was my bike missing that flangey thing I posted before to mount it properly.

    Just to clarify first, are you saying that your 250 is a 2007 model, and your buddies 600 is a '99 model? Were you meant to say it the other way around because I'm not aware of the Hornet 250 being made for that long?

    If so, the 2007 Hornet was a pretty big revision in the 600 Hornet line, and I'm unsure if luggage racks made would fit either of our bikes, i.e. I never found one that does in my searching ventures. It was always separate luggage systems to fit the different years for the 600, (the link to the Givi rack I gave you was from 98-02, while the other Givi racks for the 600 are for 07-10 models).

    Just a bit of background info, the Hornet 250 came out in 1996. The 600 followed in 1998 and took the same frame from the 250. The 250 was discontinued in 2001(?). It's a grey import though and was only sold in Japan officially, so that's why some details on it are a bit sketchy.

    Oh, and I found this rack too. Super expensive though, even before you get a bag/top box put on it.
  13. Mine is a 2007, his is a 1999
    It may have gone on temporary hiatus but there are definitely '04, '06 and '07 models, you can find them on (Japanese) websites with full specs

    The '07 600 is obviously a huge revision on the original Hornet but my guess is that my '07 250 is fairly close in terms of frame to the late 90's 600s

    In terms of a rack I needed to get my bike serviced soon so I will take it to a shop and see if they can do some measurements etc to see how a Ventura rack would go on, if it can