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pack pelt > high viz backpack cover

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by MONKEYMAN, Nov 13, 2010.

  1. my bike is black, my gear is black, i have a kriega backpack also very black.
    this is great because it makes me look cool, like ghostrider.
    this is not so great when i completely dissapear from view on the roads.
    for example this morning Melbourne weather has returned to shit, as i believe the Brumby gov cancelled summer this year.
    and i pull up to the intersection and my fat pig bandit can't squeeze through.
    i'm good, but i'm not that good.. i may look like ghostrider and share his mentality, however i don't have much skill to match.
    so yeah i'm pulled up behind a black 4wd and in pisspoor visibility and the next car approaching behind may well pull into my spot, with me still in it.

    a few weeks ago something grabbed my eye on the way home from work... and it grabbed hard, like really stood out against the backround because of it's bright colours and movement.
    this was on dorset road around Croydon if it was you, the reader... pimped out xjr (nice little bikes) and you had a backpack that had bright colours, light blue, orange and yellow... you were ahead of me and i was'nt really watching you any more than everything thing else amongst the general peak hour madness.
    but seeing your backpack snaking through the cars was extremely obvious and eye grabbing.

    i wanted the same for myself and searched the interwebs until i found a product to suit.

    i'd tried a fluro vest before only to discover that it had scratched up my tank... triggering a whole range of uncrontrollable emotions from crying to sheer rage and then eventally throwing up.

    finally my quest was won and i recieved delivery of an OGIO pack pelt.> http://www.ogio.com/product/view/224/Pack-Pelt


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  2. the first photo is my kriega backpack sitting in my chair;
    not unlike me sitting on my bike behind the black 4wd.

    the second photo has the backpack with the packpelt shown from behind.

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  3. how much is it?

    looks good, i should have got something like that when i was living in sydney
  4. yes Robert i DID attempt to post this in the correct sub forum, it dose'nt allow me to.. i don't have permission to post there, **** knows why
  5. that is an excellent question Holly
  6. i shall endeavour to answer it for you at some point in time
  7. don't sweat it or anything lol