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Pack Jack..... lube the chain of your sporty easily

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by oz_johnno, Nov 21, 2009.

  1. Just ordered one of these

    Easy to use, safely gets the back wheel off the ground so you can lube your chain, check tyres etc, and all for less than $60aus

    It should be here in about a week, I will write a review then


  2. That's a nifty alternative! Beats my rock and shifter jack I've posted up around here about 8 times now.
  3. Yeah Robsalv, its not too bad at all, its he sort of thing that doesnt take up much room in your gearsack when your going touring.....

  4. I'll be keen to read your review. It looks much simpler and tidier than the tommy-jack I'm using at the moment.
  5. I love it. Let us know if it really is that easy & stable.
  6. Brilliant.

    Only mistake they made was putting too many close up photos in the video on their web site, cos now I'm just going to make one using a few bucks worth of scrap from my local aluminium fabricator....
  7. Ha. How very ingenious. +1 to whoever thought of that idea.
  8. It's a very elegant solution, but...

    Speaking as an industrial designer, the simpler the object the higher the level of resolution required. It takes a lot of effort to take something as simple as this and make it really, really good.

    The website and the design tell me that this is just an average guy who made a great little jack for his bike, who then made some for a few mates who loved the idea, then thought he might see if anyone else wanted one too.

    I respect that, and it really is a great idea, but if he spoke to the right person/company I think this product could have been developed into something that looks a whole lot better, easier to use, mass manufactured and be stocked by most motorcycle stores.

    As it stands, he's selling a prototype made from two bits of standard aluminium extrusion, a bolt, a nut and a sticker. And he's told the world now, so people are going to do as cypher is, and I would be surprised if this doesn't get adapted by some other company (no mention of design registration or patents on the website).

    Perhaps he knew all this and just couldn't be stuffed spending the time and money, or wanted the satisfaction of selling something he's made with his own two hands. That's fine, but I think the design suffers for it.

    But what do I care - my bike has a centre stand anyway!