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Pablo's Tyres in Mulgrave - used them for servicing?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by Gromit, Aug 17, 2006.

  1. Just wondering if anyone here's had their bike serviced by Pablo's?

    Their website reckons they do services, tune-ups, crash repairs and pretty much anything - not just tyres.

    They're only 5 mins from my place, so I'd be interested to know what sort of experience people have had with them.

  2. Rolla had his tyres done at Pablos, ask him about them.
    They were fantastic with his RWC when he sold it tho ;)
  3. had tyres, servicing and crash repairs done there, always easy to get on with, quick and efficient.

    they even picked the bike up, did the service and dropped it off again for me and charged no extra.

    i must admit i never had any problems with them, just good experiences
  4. If they're the same Pablo's that where in Richmond under Data Express, then I've got nothing but praise for them. Can anyone confirm?
  5. Yes it is Chef. They use to be in Richmond but moved to Mulgrave a couple of years ago which was great cause now they are just round the corner from us....and you :grin:
  6. Thanks for the feedback. :)

    After getting my rear tyre replaced there last weekend, chatting with them and checking the place out, I'll probably use Pablo's for my next service in 1500 klicks or so.

    Nice to find a friendly bike shop close to home! :grin:
  7. What tyres did you end up fitting in the end Clive?

  8. The other day I dropped my bike off at Pablo's for a new chain and sprockets. I also asked them to give it a service.

    I expected the chain and sprockets to make a big difference to the bike, and they do. But they did a damn good job of servicing (and tuning) it - the bike's better than it was when I bought it in April.

    How so? Crisper all round, really. Noticeably more responsive, and the gearshift's back to "snicking" rather than "clunking". I had a smile on my face within 100m of picking the bike up.

    The price was about what I'd expected, and v.fair for the end result. And I found them good to deal with. :)

    (Oh - and just to answer Greg's question from the previous post, when I replaced the rear tyre I went for a Pilot Road.)
  9. yeah i had a nail in the tyre but were really busy but i needed it done because i rode from hawthorn to Pablos during my lunch break. He didnt make up an excuse just said 'ill do it after this one for you'

    BTW how much did they charge you for a service? im due for a minor service before my next major service.
  10. I don't have the receipt on me, but the service and tune component of the bill was 200-and-something bucks.

    Given they definitely didn't just give it new oil and plugs, that seems pretty reasonable to me.