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Pablos for tyres (VIC)

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by peter-reebok, Jan 31, 2009.

  1. Once again, Pablos in Mulgrave came through for me.

    ME880 in 260 x 40 x 18. Appears to be a shortage Aust wide.
    One Call to Scott, ' Give me a week"

    One week later - ride away - charges quoted price - easy to deal with - Cant ask for more
  2. Bet you didn't get your chrome valve caps back!
  3. What sort of mileage you getting from the Metzelers Peter, compared to the Dunlop. I will need a new rear soon for the c50 and curious which way to go.
  4. Interesting...

    I've got a slow leak in my rear Mich Pilot Road - going to do the rounds to Jefferson Honda, Moto Yamaha (both FTGully) and Pablos on Monday to investigate repair/replace, so will post findings then.

    I like the idea of a small specialised business, although Monday is Moto's last day before the evil PStevens empire takes over, so some good deals may be had...

  5. :LOL: Yeah he does that to me too. I've learnt to make sure i get them back myself. He also gets cranky if i ask him to put the weights on the inside and not on the polished parts.
    He can get shitty all he likes though, he doesn't have to re-polish the rims.
  6. +1 fan of Scott and the boys at Pablo's...

    I rolled in with a leaking rear Mich Pilot Road and $45 and 20mins later rolled out with a nicely plugged tyre and a tightened rear sprocket (That's where the clunking was coming from!)

    Anyhoo, great blokes, great service, no fuss, and heaps better than $250+ for a new one!
  7. Got 11500 out of the rear, front still going - about 13500 now.

    When they start aquaplaning in a straight line - time to be replaced. F%$# scary at 140kmh.