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PA System... and what would you say?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Bravus, Feb 12, 2007.

  1. Just had the idea riding in this morning, but I'm sure someone will have had it before. It wouldn't be that hard to set yourself up with a microphone in the helmet and a decent amplified speaker on the bike somewhere. (Maybe a 'press to talk' button on the handlebars so you don't go all Darth Vader on everyone.) If you could get it nice and clear - not like the PAs on most train platforms, for example - then you'd have lots more options than just the horn and the finger for communicating with cars, other bikes and pedestrians. Has it been done? Can it?

    And then, apart from the odd wolf-whistle, what might you find yourself saying? Keep it clean as far as possible...

    A couple of people on the ride in this morning would have got a touch of "They have these newfangled things called indicators now - ever heard of them?"

    A lot more people than just me would hear my muttered-in-the-helmet "Don't you even contemplate thinking about pulling out in front of me" comments.
  2. Then there'd be the good old "one overtaking lane in this 20 km stretch and you're going to pull into the right lane and then just sit there and not overtake anyone, eh?" Can't promise it would always be as expletive-free as that, though...
  3. We used to be able to use our CB radios (remember CB radio??) as mobile PA systems back in the 70s, but it was illegal then, and I'd be amazed if it's legal now....
  4. i have a 70's PA-CB in my work ute.
    wouldnt take much to rig it up to the bike.

    i use it for sneaky comms between selected truckies (avoiding the entire crew which uses UHF) and also to roar at workers, it works a treat :)
  5. It'd be fun to hook one up to an mp3 player with a recording of various mechanical "clunking" sounds - could be quite effective in getting those POS old cars that have a habit of blocking traffic on twisty single-lane roads to pull over.
  6. I'd probably say "gees is it going to kill you to use a slow vehicle turn out lane buddy!!!!"
  7. It's a great idea ! it would also work well with the wiper washer bottle fitted under the seat facing rearward for tailgaters (filled with your choice of fluids) I can just imagine the cagers reaction hearing laughter coming at them as you lane split through traffic with the occashional SUCKERS thrown in for good measure.
    A good one for the P.A. is to car driver:- you must be really pi$$ed off car driver:- WHY. A nice car like that and the blinkers don't work !
  8. Ah the memories.

    I've still got my original Realistic AM only 40ch CB tucked away in the shed. I migrated over to UHF to get away from the Nuffa's who populated the 27MHz CB band once the prices went down only to have them follow me to UHF as well. (I'm not the Messiah).

    The old Realistic had a PA connection & switch on the unit and I did have it hooked up & did use it on occasions when I probably shouldn't have :wink:

    My current UHF has a remote head on the centre console & the main guts of the radio tucked under the parcel shelf in the boot, no PA facilty but they are made on price these days.
  9. Yeah I had one hooked up to an external speaker in my car too and had heaps of fun with it but got off the CB to the same reasons.

    I can be sarcastic, and there's so much that could be said thru it - I'd probably have a well-practiced 'Well gee, THAT was smart, wasn't it!" ready to use :)
  10. I don't think I could go past the "Apocalypse Now" approach and play the orchestral piece "Flight of the Valkyrie" while aggressively overtaking people (great too for a majestic entrance to your local convenience store).

    I might be inclined to do the old "Chef Speak" that you end up developing working in many cramped kitchens, whereby you tell the person you're working with where abouts you are:-
    "left hand side left hand side" would be come "in your blind spot, in your blind spot"

    If it was a crisp sounding system, then blowing a raspberry at traffic lights where pedestrians are present could leave them looking at each other with cocked eyebrows...
  11. Dam right
  12. Oh the possibilities! An endless outlet for anger and sarcasm, awesome idea :D
  13. "Hey baby! Nice tits! Yeah you, in the gray top. You're hot. Yeah, look over here... that's me... in the [whatever colour & make car is next to you at the lights]" :twisted:
  14. I think I will start making these things, it sounds like there is a huge market. :rofl:
  15. You could make one yourself out of a current Jaycar P.A.
    Have a look at Jaycar P/No AM4052 and AM4075 they would both require some butchering to fit a bike but the guts of what you need is there.