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p1's on a SXV 450?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by bondibadger, Oct 6, 2011.

  1. So im doing my p1s on tuesday, and my bikes a SXV 450 aprilia, been riding it since i got my L's.

    Now the fact that its 125KG and 60BHP and is on the LAMS list. Well i dunno how thats possible i guess they sell them totally restricted?

    Will i get any grief from the course instructor? because theres no way this bike is restricted. yet it says LAMS on the rego.
  2. it's one of those bikes that's mental but as long as it says LAMS on the rego I cannot see why they would have an issue with it
  3. Unless he's a fuckhead and has a mobile dyno, you'll be fine.
  4. what about a half snapped brake lever? this has kinda crept up on me need to fix a few things to get it to be completely legal. panic stations lol.
  5. err that prob wouldnt be looked at favourably... But then I cannot be sure, but personally I'd say sort that first. Why risk it...
  6. No problem with doing your Ps on the SXV. I did mine on my Husky SMR510. As long as they are LAMS, there are no issues. The broken brake lever will definitely be a problem. My instructor checked everything carefully from brake lights, rego sticker, well, everything.

    Probably best to rectify everything before you rock up and do your test.
  7. When I did my test thing there was a bloke who rocked up on a grey import nighthawk from the 80s.... didn't have lams on the rego but the instructor decided it would be lams approved... yeah, cool story hansel I know...
  8. hmm i might ahve to get test pushed back so i can get this all done. bugger.
  9. have lots of fun on your sxv on lams, they really are a bloody weapon of a bike :)