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P1 to full license for over 25

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by aheung, Jun 29, 2012.

  1. hi all!
    firstly; I got my Ps!!
    (thanks again to the homebush guys on saturdays)

    anyway, i got my license with R P1 added to it today.
    was wondering if anyone else has gone from P1 to full license?


    do i just go to RTA in a years time to get another license? or will they send me a letter or something?

    i couldn't find anything about it on the website.

  2. yes, you haveto go to the RMS (RTA) in ! year andthey will upgrade you. I thinkits another $22 orsomething like that.
  3. Yep, just head to the registry once your 12 months is up..

    9 months and counting for me.. :(
  4. Provided you also hold a full car licence, you just go in and upgrade. Easy as. I just checked on the back of my licence and it cost $23 when I upgraded in February. No, they don't send you a letter, or not one that I found anyway.
  5. Thank you all!!
  6. I go from p1 to fulls next week! 12 months wait.

    I stupidly went in the RTA at the start of this month thinking i was due already, lady was like 'sir - you're still restricted for another month.'

    But now its upgrade time!