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NSW P1 speeding suspension - multiple classes

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by rjbsmith, Jan 8, 2012.

  1. Apologies in advance if this has already been answered - I did a search and couldn't find a definitive answer for this...

    My wife was driving along the Western Distributor towards the Anzac Bridge this morning and got pulled over for doing 79 in a 60 zone (save the obvious comments about speeding on that particular stretch of road) – 4 points and $216.

    She currently holds a P1 car license as well as an unrestricted motorcycle license (since 2008). She's going to request leniency (which the officer issuing the fine suggested when he noticed the unrestricted R on her license) but frankly I don't think she'll get it because she hasn't held an unrestricted license for long enough...

    Which brings us to the question of suspension. Obviously she'll lose her P1 for 3 months, but does anyone know if she'll also have her motorcycle license suspended for the same period? I've gone and read the various pages on the RTA website and all the regs and it seems a little unclear.

    Also, when does the suspension for P plate speeding take effect from? I assume they send the letter out after you pay the fine, so is it possible to drag it out a bit with the leniency request + the payment period on the fine + a reminder notice?

    Any (helpful) thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
  2. 1. yes she will lose both
    2. wait as long as you can to pay the fine, once you pay the points kick in
    3. takes about 3 months after the points kick in until the time your suspension starts
    4. yes if you drag it out and try to appeal you will delay the suspension providing you have not yet paid it.

    Its a rough 3 months i got suspended on my car Ps.

    I would try to appeal just for the sake of delaying it, she might get off if you can think of some good reasons e.g. need it for work or family reasons.
  3. From what I know, I think the P1 license gets suspended and she gets 3 points on the unrestricted rather than the 4 she received on the P1 license
  4. Actually yea i am incorrect, she has 12 bike points, and 4 car points. she will still be able to ride.
  5. your bike license and car are the same, thats why they are on the same piece of plastic, with the same licence number, lose one - lose it all. (i also believe a p plate should be displayed on the bike, even though its an r licence - im shure more knowlegable people will correct me on this though)

    and a letter would come i suspect at the same time as a fine would come in the mail.
    but fortunetly I have not experienced this

    are you sure on that unconected?????, that goes against everything ive heard, and friends experienced.
  6. Here in VIC car and bike are one in the same, means i only get 5 points even tho the bike is technical a full licenses, but VIC is not NSW...

    i also must display plates on the bike too

    Edit, your licenses are unconnected in NSW, weird logic...
  7. From my case, I tried to wait as long as possible to pay the fine, but I think after 21 days they send a penalty reminder, and then after another X amount of days they send another penalty reminder and the fine is larger, eventually they after like 3 months I think it was they'll send you a notice of suspension.
  8. In NSW the number of points you can incur before getting a suspension depends on the class(es) of license you have, as well as the types of vehicles they're incurred in.

    As an unrestricted R holder she can get a total of 13 demerit points across the car and the bike before all classes are suspended. Her C P1 class, however, has a limit of 4 points incurred in the car before that class is suspended.

    So if she incurred a 4-point fine on the bike she would still be able to drive so long as those 4 points didn't take her up to 13 in total.

    L & P plate speeding offences here come with a minimum of 4 points, so in theory all that should happen is that her C P1 would be suspended (see Section 17B (3) of the Road Transport (Driver Licensing) Act). But although I can't see any special case in the Act or the associated regulations, I'm not 100% certain this is true for speeding offences in particular (as opposed to plain old points accumulation).

    While I'd like to think that nobody on here has wound up in this particular situation before :angel: I'm sure someone has - which is why I put it out there.
  9. I'm wondering how they split them? The licenses.
    When you do a license check it comes up valid or suspended. Nationally they are the same number. Same as your marine up here in Nanna land.
    Looking through my book it says lose one lose the lot for the duration of the first suspension.
  10. If i was you i would shoot off an email to the RTA and see what they think, im fairly sure that toadcat is correct however.
  11. My girlfriend was caught speeding on her bike p1. When she went to check her driving record she found that she had lost her bike licence but still had her drivers p2. Bet thing I think is go get a driving record to be sure. This is in NSW
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  12. That sounds encouraging - I'll pass that on.
  13. From another thread (thanks Azamakumar), this is basically what appears when you do a demerit points search in NSW:

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  14. The above info is correct. I just went through this myself.

    She will loose her ability to drive a car for 3 months. This is not because speeding is an automatic disqualification for P1 but is because she will have lost 4/4 points available on the P1 license.

    This will mean that she has 9/13 points left on the unrestricted motorcycle license (assuming no previous fines).

    All in all. Could be worse.

    ANZAC bridge is a killer. I recon i see highway patrol get some poor person every second time i ride over it. At least its less confusing than before with different speed limits for each direction.
  15. When i lost my bike licence on my p1 for excessive points (overtaking on double yellows and failing to wear p plate) i kept my full car licence and was just down to 8 points (from the 12 available at that time).

    This was in NSW in 1996.
  16. Yeah I dont think it has changed since February 2010 in regards to this situation.
    Here was the response from the RTA:
    "Dear Matthew,

    Thankyou for your email.

    If 4 to 11 points are accrued solely on the provisional P1 rider licence class, only the provisional P1 rider licence class is suspended, for 3 months.

    You will be issued a suspension notice by the RTA advising you when to cease riding, it will give you at least 28 days notice in advance.