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NSW P1 rider rule!

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by ferdi, Jun 7, 2015.

  1. Hi Guys,

    I just got lost my P1 bike license I was doing over 20km on 70 zone. (I know I done the wrong thing). And double demerit points apply for the long weekend.

    I know that my license will suspended for 3 months.

    I am also holding a P2 car license. Will that effect my driving license aswell?

    Thanks for the comments guys. I am based in Sydney.
  2. Probably, your licence conditions and demerits are mirroed across all your different licence types.
    Worth confirming but the verdict is not likely to be nice.
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  3. Exceed speed limit by 20km/h is 4 points. Double demerits means 8 points. P2 license is 7 points so unfortunately your going to be suspended on the car one too. Will be gone for three months after you pay the fine.
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    Did I start back on my P2 on the car and P1 on the bike after 3 months?

    So you saying that on the P1 bike licese I got 4 points P2 car license 7 technically I might have 11 points! I never get fined before for any reason.
  5. No you don't have 11 points.

    You have 7 points in the car licence and 4 points in the bike licence.

    Your points are not additional to, but two different conditions and only one amount as well as only one licence. Basically you will have your "licence" suspended and that means car too. Sorry.
  6. You will start back on P2 but any time whilst suspended won't count towards the 24 months for your full license.

    The points don't add together. It's probably best to think of them as thresholds. Hit the first one and just the bike is suspended. Hit the next one and both suspended.
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    You have 7 points for your P2 license.
    You have 4 points for your P1 license.
    Your offence was 4 points on a double demerit weekend = 8 points.
    Both licenses will be suspended for 3 months.

    Commiserations, many believe this situation where you can loose your license for a single offence is excessively punitive but that doesn't help you.
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  8. Thanks to those annoying double demerits, you stand to lose 8 points in total which means you can kiss that plastic freedom card goodbye for 3 months on both bike and car license. But if you've never been in trouble it might be in your best interest to sign up for a traffic offenders program and appeal the suspension in court. You have a pretty good chance if its only your first offence. But talk to a solicitor first to see what they recommend
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  9. Maybe, just maybe, because you have a clean driving history you can take it to court. Claim that you need your licence for work and get on a 1point for one year condition.

    That way you won't have a recorded suspension on your driving record, but you have to be on yout best behaviour for a full year as anything will mean a longer automatic suspension.

    You could write to try to get the fine revoked but with 20Km/h over I don't fancy your chances.

    Or you can simply cop it sweet and do your 3 months.
  10. Hi guys Thank you very much for all the responses. It looks like I lost them both. On my P2 car license I been through 14 months. Will I start back from zero Or from 14 months? Where I left, after 3 months.
  11. I agree with CBF'dCBF'd your license is suspended not cancelled so the time you have done will be counted, the three month suspension will not, the clock will start again once your license is restored.
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  12. Thanks guys. It was an expensive lesson for me $455 expensive.
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  13. Unfortunately on a motorcycle being spatially aware is a lot harder than being in a car so watching your speedo and your surroundings (aka cage drivers) is a valuable learnt lesson. Never good to lose your licence.
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  14. Hi Guys,

    Just a quick one. I just pay my fine. Can I still drive or ride until I get my suspension notice? Because the Police didn't actually take my license.? Thanks in advance guys.
  15. Yes. Youll get a letter from the rms telling you the suspension dates.
  16. Then swap cars and bikes with a friend so you're far less likely to get sprung driving/riding during your suspension...
  17. You can ride/drive until you get the suspension notice, and it will give you not ess than 28 days notice in NSW.

    S42 Road transport Act shows how licences with multiple classes are dealt with regarding demerit points, and you sir will be walking for 3 months.
  18. Lol, so i'm not the only one?

    Get your flame suit ready Darren............... someone's gotta bite.
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  19. It has all been said before hasn't it no insurance cover, no medical cover, $3300 fine and possible jail time of up to 18months for a first offence. People are adults they can make their own decision.