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SA P1/P2 riders in SA have it bloody good - 1000km/h speed limit

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by robsalvv, Jul 5, 2013.

  1. For some reason SA's motorcycle GLS appeared in my news feed. Timely since I have a few considerations in the GLS area - VIC is working through the details of its new rider GLS at the moment.

    I couldn't help notice how good P1/P2 riders have it in SA. I'm very jealous!!


    SA P1 P2 5-07-2013 4-01-32 PM.

    But seriously, from my cursory glance, the GLS looks OK. If I've read it right, there's an ability to reduce the minimum P period if you're old enough and pass the test.
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  2. What they don't mention is that the Ridersafe course is exempt if you live more than 100 kms from a course centre.

    I live 109 kms from Port Pirie by road and anyone living here has to do the course so it must be a 100 km radius.

    In that case you just apply for your learners, pass the written test (unless you have a car licence) and go ride on the road on your L Plates for 6 months like we (3 months for me) did before all the training came in.

    Some country police stations in remote areas still do licence testing as well.
  3. I like the part about not having to display Ps on your P2 licence.
  4. They don't mention the guy who lives near me with his P plates displayed properly ..... on his 1199 Panigale .... :-O. :p~~~~~~~

  5. Saw him up at the amberlight the other day.. hell of a bike for a young guy to have!
  6. One interesting thing about the GLS and it looks like this will come in in Victoria as well, is life time LAMS.

    If you never do that final test you will always remain on restrictions - though SA riders don't seem to have pillion restrictions on their P's??

    Another odd thing is that a learner can pillion an experienced rider. That could be "interesting".

    I'm still smirking about the 1000km/h limit though. Woot!
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  7. That's not new, I could do that when I got mine in the '70s.

    There's no final test to go from "P" to "R", you just apply for it when the time is up.

    There's a hazard perception test from P1 to P2 which you need to pass.



    Theory Test
    Rider Safe Basic Training Course
    Learner's Permit (class R-Date) -
    minimum 6 months - but valid for 24 months
    Rider Safe Advanced Training Course
    P1 Licence (class R-Date) -
    minimum 12 months (you can apply for unrestricted R class after 12 months). Must pass a Hazard Perception Test before going to P2.
    P2 Licence (class R-Date) or P2 Licence (class R) -
    minimum 6 months (must hold P1/P2 licence for minimum total of 2 years). Can apply for unrestricted R class at any time after holding R-date Provisional licence for 12 months)
    Full Licence (class R or R-Date) -
    can apply for unrestricted R class after holding R-Date for 12 months.
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  8. .. And only having to obey the speed limit if it's posted as under 100km/h.

    Which presumably means 100/110 areas are open slather.

    I'm moving to SA.
  9. What's involved in "applying"?
  10. Sorry mate we are full up at the moment, please reapply after Xmas.
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  11. that chart alan must be for non car license people perhaps?
    there is no theory or p2 for licenced drivers.
    its just basic test then advanced test which can be done close together then wait
    12 months and ask rego to take the R of your licence ).
    best to do the advance test asap after basic and then its just a 12 month wait.
  12. So quite similar to the NSW system then?
  13. no idea , i only know the sa system
  14. What protective gear do you wear for those 1000km/h jaunts??

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  15. Needed one of those today, cold and wet, back home and watch the footy instead, getting soft.
  16. yes.....if no other licence is held.

    I think you mean taking the "R-date" off and making it an "R"
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  17. and aint that symptomatic of the whole silly shebang? ... all the states want to have their own way for people to learn to do something as though some arbitrary state border changes the laws of physics :rolleyes: It's a wonder we don't need passports to cross state lines :cautious:
  18. @robsalvv - in Queensland now, if you never do the final test you will be on restrictions your whole life. I went three years before going for the upgrade (must wait a minimum of 1 year). You have to pass QRide/QSafe twice - once for your motorcycle RE and once again (on the bigger bike) for your motorcycle R.

    No 1000kph bikes sold here, though, I'm afraid...
  19. And you can be doped up on a bit of heroin, ice, acid and numerous prescription drugs but you can't have speed, ecstasy or weed in your system. Interesting that they've limited it to only those few drugs rather than a broader 'all illicit drug' requirement.