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P1 license to P2

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by viramitch, Oct 29, 2011.

  1. I know there have been a lot of topics about this, but I'd like some solid answers. I'm switching from red P's to green just before december and I'd like to know, on green P's am I able to carry a pillion? Do I still have to ride LAMs? I've been getting a lot of mixed answers from people and from googling and I would like to know so I'm not breaking any laws or anything when I go to take my missus for a ride on the back. 8-[


  2. Same restrictions as P1, just a green plate :p
  3. wrong

    you can have pillion, any bike but you just cant have any alchohol


    When you first get your motorcycle licence (full or probationary), the following restrictions and conditions apply for 12 months from the date of issue (shown on your licence card):
    only ride a learner approved motorcycle (view list of approved motorcycles for novice riders)
    must not carry a pillion passenger (a forecar or sidecar passenger is acceptable)
    must have a zero Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) while riding
  4. ^^ big dan is correct, same applies for NSW.
  5. i thought in NSW the restriction period was 3 years
  6. I don't think dan made it clear enough:

    your "E" condition on your license is seperate to the plate you display. Once you complete your motorbike Ls you're restricted to LAMS, no pillion and 0 BAC for 12 months, regardless of whether you are expected to display red, green or no P plates.

    The date your restriction ends should be printed on the back of your license.
  7. Incorrect. From the RTA's 'Getting your motorcycle licence' brochure, P2 licence holders:
    It's three years for: those under 25 y.o., and; for those over 25 y.o. but without a full car licence.
  8. but restrictions start when you get your p1 license and end when you get p2
    im on p1 right now and on the back it says
    End Restriction 21-02-2012

    which is the same as P1 END DATE on the front, 1 year after i got my red P's

    so it the E condition doesnt include L's

    id be super happy if you proved me wrong so i could go buy a gsxr tomorrow ;)
  9. Thanks for clearing that up, I was pretty sure about the pillion but I'm suprised you can ride non LAMs on green P's. Well I'm happy with that :p Thanks for the help!

    edit: Well now I'm not sure what to think with the recent replys. Is the RTA for NSW only? If so does what big dan said still apply in VIC?
  10. yep my mate called me up for a ride the other night and was on a cbr1000rr instead of his xr600 dirtbike he usually rides
    hahah the bastard didnt even tell me he bought it just so he could see my reaction

    those recent replys are about NSW btw
  11. To the OP, you do realise such information isn't exactly kept a secret and is all on the VicRoads website. It's actually the second search result if you google "p2 restrictions vicroads".... :-s

    Any P or L-plater in NSW must ride a LAMS bike. 3-12 months on Ls, 12 months of reds and then 24 months on greens. Drivers over the age of 25 that are fully licensed though are exempt from the P2 stage (greens)...
  12. Thanks mate. Just having a look at my license now, it says End restriction (29-11-201*)
    The * I marked is because I'm not sure if it's a 1 or a 4.. it's kind of rubbed off the plastic. But it has the same date below, next to the clear plastic, saying 29-11-2014. Is this meant to be the end of my restrictions?
  13. no thats your license expiry - assuming your on P1 now
    if your on Ls now it might be 2014

    look underneath it will say

    P1 END DATE - your signature

    and read on the back
    E LAMS, No pillion Passenger & 0.00 BAC End Restriction (29-11-2011)

    what car license do you have? maybe the 2014 is your car restrictions
    whatever the case is your off bike restrictions 12 months after you got your license
  14. Ah yes I see now, thanks for the help mate I appreciate it. :)
  15. And if you got your car license before your bike you'd transfer BOTH of them to P2 at the same time, but the "E" condition would continue until AFTER that date.

    The p1/p2 system is for drivers that are new to the road, regardless of the vehicle they're driving. If you have your full license you don't display plates when you pass the bike "P" test, but you ARE restricted for 12 months on the "E" condition.

    E obviously includes Ls but you can be on them for up to 15 months and it won't shorten your restriction time when you finally get to Ps.
  16. Sorry for my false information then. Had actually discussed this with many people and what I said is what we ended up with. Guess we were all wrong.