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NSW P1 License expires while overseas

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by falcon9, May 7, 2016.

  1. I hold a P1 license in NSW which expires in December 2016. I am 26 years old and will have held it for 12 months in June this year. Right now I am overseas with mo intention of returning to Australia until mid 2017.

    Is there any way that I can renew the P1 or upgrade to the full (bypassing P2, I have a full driver's license) from overseas? I doubt it...

    If I do not return to Australia to renew my license will I have to sit the Ls and the MOST tests again? Or will I simply return to Australia in mid 2017, pay the cost and be back on the roads?

    Thanks for any advice.
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    as a minimum..
    the difference between renewal and reissue may just be the cost?

    Renew or replace your licence

    Provisional P1 and P2 licences
    There 's no maximum time limit for moving through the provisional P1 and P2 licence stages. You can renew a P1 or P2 licence as many times as you need to. You don't need to take any knowledge or driving tests to renew a P1 or P2 licence, however you need to pay the provisional licence fee, and you may need to pass an eyesight test and/or provide a satisfactory medical report.

    P1 licences are renewed for 18 months and P2 licences are renewed for 30 months.

    Early renewal
    You can renew your licence up to six months before it expires.

    Late renewal
    Up to six months late
    If you renew within six months after the expiry date, your new licence will be backdated and have the same expiry date, as long as you haven t been disqualified, or had your licence cancelled in that time.

    Licence expired up to five years
    If you renew more than six months, but less than five years after the expiry date, your licence will be reissued. The new expiry date will be calculated from the date the licence is reissued.

    however this is likely a better bet:

    Renewing or replacing your licence while temporarily out of NSW
    If you’re temporarily out of NSW and need to renew or replace your licence, you can use a photo-kit form, provided your licence is expired less than five years, is not a temporary paper licence, and is not suspended or cancelled:

    You can also obtain a photo-kit by calling 1800 624 384, or +61 2 6861 1663 if you're overseas.

    If you're living interstate continuously for three months or longer, you should convert your NSW licence to the equivalent interstate licence. Under the National Driver Licensing Scheme, the licence is converted free of charge.

    If you’ve taken up residence overseas, you should obtain a driver licence in that country.

    You can only use a photo-kit once for renewal. This means the next time you need to renew, you’ll need to do it in person at a registry or service centre in NSW.

    The photo-kits contain detailed information, however these are the essential points:

    • You must write your NSW address in the box provided on the kit. If you don’t, your application will not be processed
    • Your licence will be posted to your NSW address unless you specifically ask for it to be sent to your temporary interstate or overseas address
    • Because the kit allows for a renewal or replacement licence via mail, there are strict proof of identity requirements. You must comply with the proof of identity requirements as outlined in the kit
    • When you sign the ‘Specimen Signature’ label, please use a black pen, and make sure you press hard and bold for good reproduction.

    if your current address with RTA is not yours.. change it online to parents or friend that can receive the licence when it is sent out (or PO box if you have one)

    I'd be calling RTA and asking if you can progress from Red to Black using that form, or if you can extend P1 for the time being
  3. Oh my gosh, oldcorollas I almost want to cry! Thankyou so much. Between organising carnets, insurance, visas and registration, a return flight to Australia was the last thing I wanted or needed. I think you may have made my day :)

    Originally I planned to be back in Australia by June but decided I would do an extra year away; I completely forgot about this issue until today when organising my new IDP! Thanks again!
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  4. all good mate. been there, done that...
    although I ended up opting for a late 5 year renewal on a quick holiday home.. after realising I was gonna be away a couple more years than I planned ;)

    regarding the P1 to black, when you do it here you just fill in a licence replacement form, and the P1 goes away..
    although here it says you have to attend in person (their emphasis)
  5. For reference, I spoke to the RMS and they confirmed that I can upgrade to my full motorbike license using the Photo-kit form. It's not a new license, it's just changing the status of an existing license, so the fee is only $25!
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