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p0rn Star saves man from gaol

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Takamii, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. I posted this simply to point out the so called "credibility of experts" in court cases

    I love it when some self confessed expert tosser with a few letters behind his or her name are shown to be nothing but a farce


    As for the prosecution and agents/customs guys all I can say is

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  2. So... A pediatrician was wrong in determining whether a p0rn star was over or under the age of 18? And American courts would use this (wrong) determination to convict a man of child pornography if the woman had not flown in to right this wrong?

  3. I'm no lawyer, but I'd imagine anyone with half a brain could've defended him - with or without the testimony.
  4. In light of the Australian Classification Board's ban on any p0rn actors *appearing* under 18, regardless of their actual age, Im worried this isnt one of those "only in america" things.
  5. Agreed - next it will be legislated that " you appear to be a criminal because you have tattoos"
  6. The internet filter that the government is about to implement will also blacklist any web site that depicts sexually any person who appears to be underage, regardless of thier actual age, and proof thereof. The whole site will be blocked for all of Australia. Theoretically, if someone posts a naughtly picture of themselves on Facebook, Facebook could be banned.

    Except, of course, that the current proposal will give certain sites, such as Facebook, an exception, and they won't be filtered. How is that for double standards?

    If more people understood what Senator Stephen Conroy was trying to have implemented, there would be a larger negative response to it. Maybe even some action. It isn't just p0rn that is targeted. Child pornography is just used as an emotive argument to get people to agree to the filter.

    Do some research, and write to your parlimentary member to let them know your opinion. Hopefully, it will be anti-internet filter like me. :D
  7. So what youre saying is you dont think of the children? Do you hate children?

    No, seriously though I totally agree.

    Where do you turn though? I think the Greens and the Australian Sex Party are the only anti-censorship ones around.

    Liberal and Labour are so close its not funny.

  8. *********** SIGH *************

    Don Chipp must be rolling in his grave

    maybe I should try to resurrect the Democrats on the campaign slogan

    "Its time to teach the bastards a lesson "
  9. no ones going to be filtering my internets ;)

    didnt know Krudd was elected dictator f him and his governments net nanny
  10. i do hate children actually.
    but it will be funny when emperor Conroy gets his filter on line, after spending millions to do so, ...and then some 13 year old kid hacks it in about 2 minutes.

    censorship does not exist in the modern day... it can no longer be done... most western governments realised this long ago and developed new strategies to manipulate the masses... emperor Conroy is a product of a bygone era.
  11. Chairman Rudd and his Red Army

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