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p0rn FTW!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Not4Resale, Dec 4, 2009.

  1. http://www.news.com.au/breaking-news/p0rn-not-bad-for-men-study/story-e6frfku0-1225806955268

    So looks like almost every man likes to watch a skin flick multiple times a week and its completely healthy according to this news article! While reading this I couldn't help but feel that many men who might admit to this in this kind of a study would not admit it to many other people. I know a girl who was convinced that her boyfriend never watched p0rn despite me suggesting that everyone does it. Also reminded me of my priest's response when asked about it in scripture back at school. He said "Any man who says that he's never done it (masturbated) is very dishonest".

    So is p0rn something which degenerates society and should be discouraged as much as possible or should people be allowed to explore their "fringe fantasies" through the means of a skin flick or pic?

    I'm actually torn on the subject because I think the act of making p0rn is degenerative and exploitative and destroys plenty of lives but on the other hand I don't think that people who sit in front of a computer getting enjoyment out of it are that sick because they are compartmentalising a fantasy.

    Meh, another grey area for us to discuss!

  2. Yeah but are 'these' men watching p0rn for the viewing side of it or the 'enhancement' side of.. getting a grip..

    Statistics can be twisted to how you want, so is there a clear definition of "watch", as in watching it without playing one armed soldier or with?
  3. I think there are many different "types" of p0rn which cater to the needs and requirements of the individuals who watch/buy it.

    There is a requirement for it, or it wouldn't exist in the 1st place... and some women enjoy p0rn too!

    I think it's like most "leasure" persuits... if it becomes addictive or intrusive (obviously this varies from what is acceptable from one person to another or one couple to another), then there could be an issue.

    I see advantages to p0rn ie: gets some people in the mood, keeps others out of mischief, can be a learning experience... etc.

    What I don't like to think about is the darker side to it, forced sex trade etc.

    But if adults make an informed decision to do it, then all well and good and many people seem quite happy to put their exploits up on youtube for all to see!!
  4. Meh...Watching other people getting jiggy with it creeps me out, makes me feel like a voyeur .

    I know a couple of men who aren't into p0rn at all....I also know two who wouldnt step foot in a strip joint if you paid them!
  5. I'm a bit concerned about the sample being used for the study. They are using a sample of 20 males. I think that is far from a large enough sample to derive anything of a habit within the population.

    However, the article did interest me because I have met people who claim to not watch the stuff and I have often doubted that the terribly pious amongst us don't have the occasional crack at the one handed salt bandit with visual aids or otherwise.
  6. 20 males isn't very many!!... we should undertake a survey on NR!!... :D
  7. I am with mischiefmaka on this one.
    My beautiful wife Mariel excites me in all the right ways ( physically and mentally )
    Watching other people seems a bit wrong to me.
  8. Yeah but you can mute p0rn.
  9. Cheers Bonk about the mute button, but l was thinking of dubbing the Three stooges over a p0rn. Now that would be entertaining.
  10. Yeah, the curse of inheriting my dad's piano playing hands.
    I leave my thumb outside the fist, but it's still not enough :(
  11. LOL i knew someone would quote me after i deleted my message :rofl: thats is so typical of my luck
  12. Censorship is evil, and it's just the internet.

    Never be ashamed to express yourself.
  13. Watching p0rn is ok, making your own is better.
  14. p0rn: the only exercise I get.
  15. SPANK ME! :rofl:

  16. ..can we watch!!.... :D
  17. Its not too often i practice " self censorship " :angel:
  18. yeah i was talking to a good female friend of mine the other day and she was complaining that her man watches p0rn. she gave me the usual thoughtless female reply about men and p0rn, "he's cheating on me by watching other women and doing that".....:-({|=

    he's a complete ass-hat but i had to side with him on this and said so.
    she after all has 2 vibrators. i don't hear him saying she's pretending it's some other guys dick when she uses them on herself.=D>

    women, mostly never practical or logical.....

    try walking in our shoes a little? and for those that say it doesn't appeal to them you're sort of not relevant here are you..