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NSW P test with a slip on exhaust

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by nev300, May 31, 2014.

  1. Hi all, when i did the L test the trainers told us when you go for your P's they check your bike over to make sure its road worthy.
    Did anyone go for your P test with a slip on aftermarket exhaust and was it ok or did they knock you back ?

  2. Hi @nev300@nev300 On my 'P' test there was one guy with an after market can fitted. It was no louder than the average and was a hell of a lot quieter that the guy on the 2-stroke :) . I think as long as it is fitted correctly and the baffles are in there should be no problem.
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  3. When I did mine they didn't bat an eye at the exhaust (DRZ400E with a staintune exhaust). If it passed the blue slip inspection you'll be fine, they pretty much only check that your lights work.
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  4. thanks for the replies thats good to know. i have a musarri on a ninja 300 so its not too loud with the baffle in
  5. You will be fine mate, give the bike a clean, pump the tires, oil the chain and fill her with petrol the day before. It gives you less to worry about on the day and it gives the instructor a good overall impression of the bike. Best of luck with the test mate ;-)
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  6. I did my P's on a 250 ninja with a yoshi slip on exhuast. Easily the loudest bike there but it was no issue. As long as you can hear the instructor and follow their directions you'll be fine.

    Edit: And as a point of interest the baffle had been taken out so it was a fair bit louder.
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  7. thanks for the reply mate,yoshi wihout the baffle,sweet, thats cool to hear, when i did my l's there was a group doing a p test and one bloke had a blinker out and they told him if he wasnt back in 30 min he would miss out and done his dough for the day
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