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P-test (vtr250)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by vtr_rida, Mar 19, 2007.

  1. Is it possible to do the P's test thingo at Ridersafe on a vtr250? I'll prob just use one of their bikes but.. i haven't been able to do the u-turn with my bike at the Oaklands Park course and kinda wanna complete it before i do it for real. I was able to do it on a cb250 at the end of my L's but i can only do a u-turn within 2 carpark spaces on the vtr. Also, which is better for the u-turn, cb or cbf? cbf looks better :grin:

  2. VTR, being naked, will be very easy, alot easier than a faired bike. I did mine on zzr without difficulty so you'll be fine.

    Just use clutch for higher revvs and back brake to regulate speed. For uturns make sure you start from the edge, get full lock quickly and weight the outer peg so you can let bike lean a bit.
  3. I went down there Sunday afternoon briefly to try out the course as well, (we should have just gone for a ride) and I managed to get through it on the old Honda (the GPX isn't insured yet). I reckon I can do the S bend and the U-turn, but I'm hopeless on the weaving between the markers and the slow ride...I can't point the bike in a straight line and get through in 15 seconds, I keep doing it in about 10! I reckon the emergency stop should be fine though.

    Also, I would just use one of their bikes anyways, if you drop it during some of those low speed manoeuvres, it doesn't matter, but if you drop your bike, you'll be mighty pissed off! Also, the CB250 is easier than the CBF, the clutch is way easier to control, which is a definite benefit doing the slow speed stuff. The other option is to do it on the scooter that they've got, no need to worry about feathering the clutch, and you can easily do the U-turn. I figure I will try it all on a CB250 first, and then if I don't reckon I'll get through, I'll jump on the scooter!


  4. VTR is a great bike, should easily do it. It's very similar low speed handling to a honda CB250, which is what tends to set the standard. My mate did the NSW p's test on my VTR (while it was running) and got 100%
  5. I did it on my across with no trouble at all.
  6. rida: for the SA Ps test, you'll find it *extremely* difficult, if not impossible to do it on your bike, I believe because of the radiator and subsequent turning circle. I spent a *long* time trying to get that u-turn going on my bike and I just couldn't get any tighter a turning circle. Once I jumped on the cbf250 at oaklands park, I had *no* issues at all so I can only guess my technique was ok and that I either couldn't get my bike to do it, or my bike couldn't do it.

    I would absolutely recommend using the bikes on the range after practicing a whole bunch on yours because everything suddenly seems so much easier (you may find it hard on a cb250 but not a cbf250 cos of riding position). IF you do choose to do it on your bike, make sure you're in the position to pass everything else cos you can arse up two things on the course before you fail and the u-turn is gonna be one of them :)
  7. sweet, thanks for the replies :) Will keep the tips in mind :grin:
  8. Yeh, i'm having a lot of trouble squeezing into that square, it's like 3m wide :shock: The cb is def easier and less worry with ins etc. I'm on full lock so i intend to get it as tight as possible then just carry the techniques over to the other bike.

    Thanks :)
  9. I couldn't quite do it on my VTR. Did the test on a trailbike. Do it on their CBF, it's most like the VTR, but tighter turning. Don't worry about the U-turn, I still went outside once on my test. You're allowed some mistakes.

  10. If you can't walk the bike through the exercise, let's face it, you're not going to ride it through.

    I disagree with the comment about the scooter, as with the smaller wheels, lack of clutch, it can be more difficult to do if you're used to riding a "normal" bike.

    I have done these exercises 100s of times on the various bikes at Oaklands and all of them can get through with the right technique.

    As was said, don't fret if you blow one exercise. Most people that don't get through have either a) not ridden since their L1, or b) totally stress themselves out.

    Regarding the braking, this is the most important IMO. If you can't brake in 11m at 30kms, you shouldn't be on the road.

    Good luck.
  11. My general opinion with doing it on my bike vs their bike was that if you could do it easily enough on my bike, it would probably be an option to do it with. Learn counter-balancing on your vtr250 and get yourself doing circles you didn't imagine you could do on that bike and then rock on into your P's test, pick up a cb or cbf and you'll kick ass :) counter-balancing is the key if you want to do tighter circles on any bike :)
  12. Counter-balancing or counter-steering? I know about counter-steering, but what exactly is counter balancing? Is that where you put your weight to one side of the bike so you can lean the bike a bit more in the opposite direction?


  13. counter-steering is the whole "push the handlebars with the hand on the side you want the bike to lean" .. ie push with the left hand to lean the bike left. Counter-balancing is moving your weight around on the bike so that you can turn tighter circles without putting your foot down. As someone else in another forum put it:

    "Counter-balancing is an exaggerated part of slow speed turning and is used to get a tighter turn at a given speed than is otherwise possible."
  14. So how tight is the U Turn in the SA test. I think it is 6 Metres here in NSW?
  15. VTR is perfect for it,
    I did P's in Sydney after only having bike for a few days. No dramas.

    Remember to "headcheck" and watch the STOP signs on the road test
  16. its certainly not 6 metres wide - probably more like 3 I think

    It's about the width of a carpark spot and about the length of two carpark spots.
  17. the SA test has a tighter uturn than NSW. From everything I've read, I agree .. VTR250 would be fine in NSW but it's just not here.
  18. yer it's more like 3..
  19. DUDE!

    The VTR-2fiddy is the best bike in the world to do a U-Turn on, let alone your Ps test!!

    I've been riding my VTR250 for a year now, will go onto a full lisence next month, and it is such a great bike once you know how to use it!

    My adivce is to keep praticing short turns WITHOUT the U-Turn markout as your guide, just try and work on gradually making those turns tighter and tighter untill you have perfected it, then try it out within the marker.

    Sometimes that marker can have a psychologial effect on you thus causing you not to make the turn. I can make a U-Turn within the Ps test marker using 3/4 of the space. You don't even need all of the space to make it on a VTR!!

    Practise makes perfection!
  20. 3 Metres!!

    Ok I take back my last comment, unless of course you can provide me with some proof that the U-Turn is 3 metres in width.