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P test this thursday!!! :S

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by fastkid, Dec 12, 2006.

  1. Hey guys

    Just need some suggestions on the P's test I have coming on thursday any hints, tips or opinions are welcome. BTW I cant seem to find anything in the search, brings back to much unrelated stuff. :roll:

    Thanks in advance

  2. Well you are in luck, this site has flash animations that show you what tests you will be doing.

    Enjoy, good luck with your test, don't ever predict what the light is going to be otherwise you will end up in bad shape.
  3. its pretty simple, just dont panic. if you can ride the bike and stay calm, you will pass
  4. Don't stress to much, nervs are the thing that will bring you undone.
    And don't make any assumptions on the lights, wait till they give you your instruction.
  5. I can't offer you much advice as I'm yet to do mine (bring on January!!!)...but just get plenty of practice in between now and then.

    All the best

  6. good luck fast kid youll be right and yes dont try to guess the lights or youll end up on the ground ... other wise pretty easy .. during the test specially stop start turnning .. i never used first gear just kept it on second so i wasnt worrying about gear changing .. good luck and may the force be with you
  7. if mine was anything to go off... i got my L's on no experiance... test rode 1 bike for liek 15 mins, and then 10 months later got my P's with no more than 15 mins riding experiance!!
    i got 22 points :D which i thought was rather decent!!
    just relax and dont try to psych urself up too much
  8. Can't help you, sorry, but good luck!!
  9. The only advice I can offer apart from what has already been said is....
    get a good nights sleep before hand, make sure you have breakfast and also keep yourself hydrated. All these things improve your concentration and ability to endure the day, relax, its not that hard and make sure you enjoy yourself... don't get yourself too stressed.
  10. Good luck mate!!
  11. Thanks Guyz for all your support. I passed with flying colours!!! :biker: Scored 22 out of 40. Considering the bad weather im happy :grin:
  12. congrats, now only 12 months and counting
  13. Congrats on the pass Steve, nicely done. Let the countdown begin!! :grin:
  14. Congrats fastkid
  15. Well done Fastkid :applause:
  16. Good on ya, I am doing my L's n P's soon. If the feeling is even half of what I had when I got my pilots license you should be 'flying high' about now. Sorry for silly pun. :)
  17. wow great site!