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P Test .... Failed :( UPDATE: PASSED Booyah

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by slickncghia, Nov 22, 2007.

  1. fcuk i feel like a dickhead right now :( :oops: :oops:

    After rocking up 15minutes late for my P test this after noon (thanks bayspater south :| ) i check in and folk over my $160 and sit outside. Another l-plater is warming up to to the test on his brand spanking new GT250R black, in his brand spanking alpinestars leather jacket and shoey helmet.

    As i sit there watching him come up to the junction box for the first time, he swerves in anticipation, locks the front wheel and lowsides. fcuking the left side of his pride and joy and cutting his leg up pretty bad. :shock: :shock:

    after having a chat with the poor bloke i was more than a little unnerved to say the least. with all the broken indicator glass picked up. it was straight onto the arquin piece of shit loan bike and 3mins warm up for me.

    After cutting about 2 laps of the compound it was time to start the test. I knew i wasnt in the right frame of mind and wasnt familiar enough with the bike, but i pushed on nonetheless. At this point i hadnt ridden since the previous thursday night mystery ride.

    Anyway around the 2 cornering sections with no real problems lost a few points on each for speed but nothing out of the ordinary. Then into the junction box for a bit of countersteering. with a quick, but verry safe swerve to the right that was over again lost a few points but nothing major. onto the breaking.

    I was very unfamiliar with the arquins brakes and seating position ect but im not going to make any excuses, other than saying i was a little unnerved and verry much in "street mode" (not as much front brake and no lockups). So i trundle down the runway going maybe 30-35 (when i shouldve been doing 20...idiot!!!) i see the red light and make a smooth safe stop however it wasnt incredibley rapid and thinking about it shouldve used more front brake.

    Turns out that brake caused me to have 1 point too many! so i failed. FFUUCCKK!!!!! there goes $160

    I think i shouldve used my bike as i was alot more familiar and know the braking, however seing old mated bin his hyo swayed me out of it.

    Morale of the story i shouldve just waited the extra month when i had time to do the practice course which gives you 4hrs practice on the course....and brake like you really mean it. I thought i had braked hard enough however they really want you to stop.

    Anyway, so now i feel totally pissed off, cause ive never really failed something that i shouldve passed before. For those of you who know me (the thurday night mystery crew mainly) im a reasonably confident rider for a learner and i thought easily competent enough to pass the test. However lack of preperation, knowlege of the course, being in the wrong frame of mine and just stupidly not braking hard enough will cause you to fail.

    So i feel like a dickhead, but hopefully someone will learn from this.

    I hate failing something i shouldve passed...i also hate that im gonna be up for another couple of hundred dolars :(

    Rant over :tantrum:


    Edit: oh btw the guy was ok...just a nice big graze on his knee, and the bike will be ok, not a right off anyway. P.S if your on here, chin up i feel like an idiot too
  2. It costs you $160 to sit a 5 minute test? Thats bollocks! At least they'd let you resit the test for no charge!
  3. thats why you never do it on your own bike. always use there's. sorry bout the fail, hopefully next time
  4. they wanted another 160. it said $40 on their website, however they just said that was only if you do the group course and get retested on the night....suffice to day i wont be doing the test again with them
  5. that dude in hastings... he is the best tester ever.
  6. What they said is correct bud. Its a reduced rate if you re-sit/re-do
    the test then & there.

    Take it on the chin bud. Its one of those things that can happen. Next
    time you make a booking, do it so you do the orientation day where you
    are riding/practicing the test for 5hrs (or however long it is these days).
    After the first hour on their bike you'll be used to us & more than ready
    once the day is thru.

    Kudo's as well for having the guts to post whats happened as well. I'd
    lay any money there are others who wouldnt say they got their license
    until they passed on the 2nd, 3rd or 4th attempt.
  7. Baylink Motorcycle Training (Linky)

    David's a top bloke. :cool:
  8. they wouldnt let me do another retest today though.... they said they only do retests if you do the group course. even if they did it wouldve still cost 160 :evil:

    Which i really shouldve done but had already let it slip almost a month and im crazy busy so i just wanted it out of the way.

    yeah well ill look like and idiot (to match the way i feel) but hopefully someone will learn from it
  9. geezz 180 for the full course and test (with your own bike) thats only 20 more than what i paid for a 5min test...fcuk it. :(

    either way i wouldnt recomend motorcycle motion to anyone. i did my l's there and at ridetek. (ridetek pre-ls, mm l's test) and i thought motorcycle motion was crap. i just went with them for the test cause i could get it on the right day.
  10. Motorcycle Training Academy

    29- 31 Princes Hwy Doveton 3177 (crn Power Rd)
    Phone: (03) 9706 9733

    Haven't been there for 2.5yrs but I know back then they let you do the
    test again if you wanted to w/out having to pay full fee again.
  11. I did my licence test at Baylink too, and they were great - they also do not have a re-testing fee if you fail (even if you have to go back another day).

    You can get a booking fairly easily as well.
  12. MG, MTA are gone. Was discussed in this thread here: https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=44170

    I did mine at Ridetek and they were great.

    I've never heard of anyone failing their P's test before. It really is an easy test to pass, but if you arent in the right frame of mind, then I guess so.

    Good luck with it noext time around. To me the best part about using their bikes, is you can really push them hard and not worry if you do drop it.
  13. Or try Motorcycle Motion, they are cool.

    PS. How does one fail a Licence test here? Its easier than the Learners?
    Nerves I guess?
  14. Bad luck dude,ahh the days of getting on your 750 and going to the local police station while they watch you go down the road and do a u turn :grin: Yep heres your licence good job :wink:
  15. what a lucky guy =P
  16. Couldn't agree more .. Baylink is great .. I rang up last Friday, got trained/tested 2:30 Saturday!! Trainer (Dave?) was really really good .. Was only 3 in our group, and we all did the $180 deal. During the test yr mind is totally at ease due to the way they do it.

    Its a bit of a hike to Hastings, however, I would have been riding that Saturday anyway .. I just did the ride and got my license half way through it!!

    Good luck for next time around, and yes, your head needs to be in the right place for it.

  17. Sorry that you failed, but I bet you pass next time.

    Note to all, as well, shiny new Alpinestars leather jackets do NOT protect your knees; normal jeans are just not on for riding, go Draggin, or Hornee, or don't ride :evil:.
  18. dude read the OP it explains why i think i failed. the test certainly isnt rocket surgery, but its not easier than the learners either

    Oh and if you read the rest of the post i did it at motorcycle motion, as i did some of my learners and i thought they were pretty crap on both occasions...however not making excuses for myself.

    Ill give the baylink people a call today see if i can fit one in....just so busy atm.

    and hornet i was talking to the guy and he said he had leathers and a couple of pairs of draggins, just didnt wear them that day (which is a bit silly) if i had them id wear them on the test....and will be getting some shortly...my legs are worth more than $200 to me.

    btw i went for a ride last night and practiced my emergency stops :p

    stay safe all