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P plates test in rain? VIC.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by jaja, Nov 26, 2012.

  1. I've had a good look around and from what I can tell the test always goes ahead unless the instructor deems it too unsafe. When its wet do you get any leeway? I would expect so as on the road you have to alter your speed and stopping distance based on the road conditions. My wife is doing the test with me and in her early stages of pregnancy but doing just fine hardly showing and riding to work everyday still. Still her swerving in the rain makes me nervous as you would imagine even though I know she can handle herself.

    Anyone else done the Armstrongs Thomo course in the rain before? Advice would be great, from what I can tell it should be even easier than the L's test we sat a year ago.

  2. I did my licence test on a wet day, too. It wasn't raining non-stop, just scattered showers. In too short intervals to let the road completely dry though.
    The test is setup different than the learners test. A point-system is used, so even if you are not doing the tasks at a hundred percent, you will still easily pass. Of course you'll have to be more careful when emergency braking, or when swerving. But I'd rather take a meter longer to stop, than think 'I have to nail this now for the test!' and drop the bike as a result.

    Nevertheless, I'm pretty sure they'd wait if there is heavy rain. They might be testers, but they are still people with common sense ;)
  3. I don't know about these days. But I know 6 years ago when my son did his P's it was raining heavily, the instructor/tester continued with the course/testing. The only time he would stop it is if there was severe weather (as in severe weather warning type weather).
  4. I did the test in mild drizzle with heavy rain predicted for later (turned out to be as just as I started riding home, sans L plate). The instructor said they'd continue with the test regardless of the weather, but we could borrow rain gear if we needed it. No extra lenience for the braking test because it "should" be possible to get a passing score even in the wet.
  5. Why would you expect leeway? You can't ask for leeway when a cage pulls out directly in front of you when its raining. Ride to the conditions, yes the brake test may seem hard but you have ample distance to stop in the dry (and the wet)
  6. Same test, same scoring even in the wet. It was soaking wet when I didn mine recently. There is enough margin in the scoring for a wet test to still allow an easy pass.
  7. Shouldn't make a diff but it does.
    You do go a bit softer...for a while. Quick note, we know it's raining. If you keep reminding me of the fact, I will get the shits ok.
    I had one guy in Maroochy who wanted his license bad. It was pissing down, he was the only student. I wasn't going to go easy on him either, making me go out in the shoite. It was really bad. We did about three k's through axle deep water and had to go mud under a bridge when the hail started.
    Another quick note...don't put it in P or have your foot hard on the brake parked under a bridge in a storm in your cage. It will lessen the whiplash when the other cager runs up your ass.
    If you on a bike get right of the road and or your bike if your no keen on MXing a roadbike.
    Riding in the wet requires you to be in balance at all times... the bike will move around and trying to stop it doing so will cause you a lot of grief.
    You need to think more about brake and accelerator applications, you need to think banana smoothy and all groovy.
    You can learn a lot more about you and your bike in the rain than the dry
  8. Albeit I did mine in Sydney but I did it on the day of the infamous dust storm a few years ago when you couldn't see more than 15m through the brown/red haze plus the wind was ridiculous! (Don't ask why I had to redo it - suffice to say that the RMS (nee. RTA) records leave a lot to be desired with many returning riders.)
  9. I don't know what an Armstrongs Thomo course is, but for the P plate test in VIC you don't have to worry about the rain. You'll be going around 20km/h most of the time and if you have been riding since you got your L, this one should feel like a walk in the park.
  10. And this is why you should deliberately go for a ride when it's raining.
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  11. Riding in the rain only make you a better rider,
  12. So true. And it can, in a strange way, be fun. God knows it's the only way I'll ever get the back wheel spinning up in a corner.
  13. I dont care what the back wheel is doing, as long as the front one doesnt lose traction, OUCH,
  14. I wouldn't worry - the P's test in Victoria is a joke anyway. It is easier than the L's test. You can:

    * Stall the bike three times
    * Go outside the lines on the turns
    * Drop the bike

    ... and still pass, even though doing any of these things of the L's test would have meant immediate failure. And if you do somehow get it wrong, Armstrongs will retest you for free.
  15. Did my L's at Armstrongs Thomastown, and it was pelting down all day long. Wet weather gear on all day (theirs...well used RJays...still got a wet crotch though), waterproof gloves soaked through, water streaming off the course. The trainer was asked once weather it was dangerous to be riding in this rain, and his response was that you would not be going fast enough for you to loose grip. Turned out to be pretty much true (except the emergency stop). It is better to be practicing your skills on a wet training ground with a trainer than learning it out in traffic, and the test part of the day is easy.

    When I finally did my P's (nice sunny day) everyone passed, even those we all thought would fail definitely...love Victoria!