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P plates on Thursday

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by mischiefmaka, Feb 9, 2010.

  1. Wow its that time already...Yep 3 months to the day! I couldnt wait a moment longer [-(

    Im thinking ill probably be better off sitting the test on one of their cb250's than on my cruiser, turning circle and extremely slow riding will be easier on their bike....

    Its going to be a hot pig of a day but thats ok it was 36 when i did my learners too ...

    Anyone have any tips they can give me?
    Any heads up on what will be required of me?

    Im going to have a symbolic L plate burning after the test :beer:
  2. the only spot you can realisticly fail is the junction box breaking. just break nice and hard, dont go soft "street" style breaking as you easily acrue points for taking too long to stop
  3. Good to know Slick;) My breaking is my strong point, was the area i practiced the most b4 i hit the road with my L plates ;)
  4. You go girl!!, and good luck! Im sure you will do fine. Just take things nice and calmly.
  5. I did mine today, here's what we did.
    We did left and right hand turns which needs to be done between the lines in a certain time or you loose points. We weren't told what the time was just that we should do it as fast as we can but not hit the edges or you loose points. The points for this test are between 0-8 the lower the points the better your score. Then there was counter steering and emergency braking. You have 3 lights in front of you and as you approach the lights (20-30 kph) it'll give you a random signal. Left light indicates counter-steer left, right light counter-steer right and middle light(red light) emergency brake. Sounds easy but when you are doing 20kph and rapidly approaching this light and waiting for it to indicate what you are to do it's bloody hard (not really we all passed) when the light goes you haven't got much time to react and do the task and points will be lost for not doing it properly. My counter-steering was average and I couldn't react quickly enough to clear the painted lines but I did well enough to pass so that's all that matters. I can practice all this stuff on my own time and I now know I can improve.
    The day was bloody hot 35c but bearable just in my mesh jacket. There are lots of time out due to the heat so the most you will spend riding will be roughly 1hr before taking 10-15mins to rest and have a drink of water or 3.
    After the day I found I learnt some very useful stuff and although I still have heaps to learn I'll be a better rider after today.
    Good luck, you'll have fun just don't get to nervous as that'll work against you.
  6. wear a bikini to the test, seems to work for women
  7. Thanks for the heads up Oscar, my counter steering and braking is pretty good but i can see how waiting for a light would throw u off ur game a little...

    Goz do they make kevlar Bikinis? haha
  8. Good luck. Hope to see you at Jindabyne without the L's
  9. Just a quicky to let u all know i PASSED MY P's today YAY!:angel:
  10. congrats girl
  11. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Time to celebrate, woo hoo, well done you!!!
  12. Congrats, now the count down begins for the upgrade. =D>
  13. Congrats SJ! :D
    Will be doing mine very shortly as well. I could've done it at the start of Jan, but I'm veery happy I waited this far :D
    Hopefully we'll see each other soon :p
  14. Good work.
  15. Woohoo! Grats! :)
  16. Well done girl!
  17. Thanks everyone ;)

    Nadia im sure we will get there soon ay lol, i think Alisdair is organising a ride for us soon actually =D>

    Oscar- Right on the money! Im already looking for a good deal on either a new or 2ndhand vstar...So if anyone knows anyone who might want to buy my lovable Eddy give me a holla ;)
  18. Congratulations!
  19. I shall get there VERY soon, and did. Just got rid of my little 'L' :grin: