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P plates keep breaking

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by grim32, Mar 27, 2007.

  1. Ok i know this is happening to a few people so im just trying to find the best way to stop P plates from breaking in half and falling off.

    Ive spoken to highway patrol about it and they said to keep putting new P plates on when the old one falls off. I then told him thats nearly every ride and he just shrugged his shoulders.

    The real thing that worries me is getting pulled over by an angry cop and loosing 2 points off my licence for something so silly.

    Ive just glued 2 P plates together with 5 minute araldite, i will leave it for full cure time before i put it on (16 hours), then i will bolt it on behind my number plate and see how it goes.

    If anyone else wants to share a method that works please go right ahead.

  2. are you allowed to stick a p plate to the back of your jacket :p?
  3. What kind of pathetic cop would take 2 points off and give you the $180 fine for that?

    Oh wait I know, the guy who did it to me. But it was with my L plate, a flimsy piece of cardboard, not even plastic. And it was only about a week into having a bike so I had no idea that it would fly off when I had it very well forced together by the license plate and its holder. But oh well.. I appealed it and haven't received a reply from it. Points haven't been taken off and no money has been paid so :?: .

    My P plate now sits between plate and its holder, have to loosen the screw for it to come out. And its been tested 'at speed' :grin: . Failing that I keep a spare under the seat. Secure it properly, don't let it happen to you.
  4. slipped it behind the reg plate, no issue so far :LOL:
  5. do what I have done:

    1) trim the excess off the ouside of the plate to make it smaller to the wind front (makes it a bit more flexible too without the stiff edge and less likely to crack)

    2) punch a hole in the centre of the P plate (so just enough P shows when its mounted to keep the cops happy)

    3) undo one of the screws of the license plate and screw the plate in between though the hole.

    The result is a plate that shows the P (mostly anyway) and shouldn't ever come off or crack.

  6. yeah but get pulled over by a trigger happy coppa he will get your for your plate not visible enough
  7. DSC00273. [/quote]

    I have a VTR 250 and where the rear reflector is, I have removed that, punched a hole in the plate then screwed the reflector back on with the plate between the reflector and the bike.
  8. better than saying "Oh, it must have fallen off?!"

    At least this way you have a basis to argue from, and they'll probably decide you're not worth their time.

    I've never had any trouble.
  9. If you display your L/P plates below the rego plate, they can easily get caught on the rear wheel when you're moving. When you're looking at your plate, it looks like there's plenty of space between the plate and the tire, but when you're riding the bike - having the weight of your body lowering the suspension, then adding bumps on the road to lower it even more - the bottom of your plate actually gets pushed into the bike on the tire. This can cause it to snap off or break/wear on the bottom section. I had to cut mine so it was just below the L/P.
  10. My L bike had a top box bolted to the rear, so I stuck my L plate to that.
  11. No where else to put my plate because of indicators/rego info so it went under the plate. I'll post a pic of what happens..
  12. My solution.

    Spend 3 dollars in one set of reversible L red P plates on the servo station.

    They come with suction cups to attach them to the glass in cars.

    Throw away the suction cups or use them for something else.

    Punch two little holes at either side of the pre-existing hole on the reversible L red P plates and pass a cable tie through the new holes.

    Attach the cable ties to a safe point at the back of your motorcycle and forget about the plates until the end of restrictions.


  13. My P plate is bolted into my number plate (top right of plate in bottom left of number plate). My first ride on my Ps, I lost 3 from cracking and breaking off in the one day, and no more because i'd run out of P plates. I went home, made a red P on my computer and printed in out, put it on the back of a domleo lasagne box, and put sticky tape all around it. Its been over 3 months and its still hanging there, been through all sorts of speeds and different types of weather and it aint going anywhere. And best of all, like my L plate used to do, the faster I go, the more it flaps up and covers my number plate which is a beauty for those speed cameras. :grin:
  14. If you have Learner plates (cardboard) stick it to the back of the P plates and it should prevent it from breaking in half or ride slower so the plates wont break HAHAHA just kidding

  15. i did the same.. cept i used a lower screw, but it was on my L plate.. inever had a P plate to worry about... straight from Ls to power restricted full license.

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  16. Grim 32 you silly biatch

    Drill 2 holes somewhere at the back of your number plate, or rear fender, then punch 2 holes into your P-Plate, then get 2 cable ties thread them through the holes and secure the P-Plate that way. They will never come off.
  17. That's exactly what my suggestion was going to be. These plates will last you for your L's and P's because they are reversible. AND they are very flexible and much tougher plastic, therefore they allow more flex.