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P-platers: Instant Hoons?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by T_terror, Nov 28, 2005.

  1. Hi all.
    im still on my Ls and have plenty to go before Ps, but was wondering.

    How does the public react to motrobikes with P-plates on them?

    Most drivers i know instantly assosciate red P-plates with a negative image ie: crazy out of control young punks burning up the streets putting others at risk with their hoon behaviour (inspired by CurrentAffair stories lol)

    Now add into that a motorbike, even worse a hot one like a CBR with a exhaust or an RS and i cant help imagining some drivers sitting there burning up with anger getting ready to run me off the road!

    I mean i get people shaking their fists at me as i ride down the street normally! Obviously they dont realise that you have to rev a small bike to get anywhere but imaigne if that same person is in a car as i lane filter to the front and take off.

    Anyway, just wanted to hear some experiences from other people. I am on my car Ps and can tell you that you get treated differnetly when theyre not up.

    PS. this isnt a biatch about having to wear Ps
  2. Hey T_terror its the same over here in qld. I'm still really on the learning side of riding and you we encounter assholes all the time all the way into our suburbs.

    I live very close to mt cootha so the area is very hilly. I am considerate when driving or riding and dont expect everyone to drive at the speed limit even though i do.

    But still you get some random dickhead come up behind you and try to pass you on a decreasing radius turn down a hill in local 50 streets just because you are sticking to the right to make it easier for other users to see you on the road.

    So yes people do hold it in for bikes wheter the built up anger or just the sheer stupidity everyone out there is out to get you not only because they make mistakes but often very intentially as well. Anyhoo there aren't too many crappy audi a4s with the grey plastic bodies in this suburb full of mid life crisesed nobody wannabes, so when i see him again i'll make sure he dosent do it again. And just for the record.. no i'm not bitter
  3. Weather you have P's on a bike or not T_terror , we are all classed as hoons , unfortunatly .
  4. To be blunt...screw what the public think.

    If you're riding sensibly that's all you can do. If Joe Public thinks you're being a maniac when riding normally then all I can suggest is that you give him the finger, drop it back two cogs and mono up the street while having your way with his woman.

    ...oh wait.
  5. Hi guys, I'm a P plater and proud of it :p I must admit, I try sooo hard to be nice to car drivers but most of then treat bikers like s%$&. Don't get me wrong, im a car hoon too, I own a done up Falcon and before I got into bikes, I thought there was nothing better than buring through some country roads, taking corners sometimes double the 'recommended' limit (ie: 40km/h corner at 80) etc. etc. But I have grown a lot more sencible over the years (Im a 26yo P plater!!!). I still do stupid stuff but ONLY when it is 'safe' to do so. But when im on my bike, I just try and get away from cars as much as I can, leaving heaps of buffer and leaving a 3 second gap to allow for crappy sudden stop driving behind me. Don't worrry mate, youll be fine, just give the buggers room until you get you Busa'.... Then you can have fun with 'em... :twisted:
  6. Which makes us HOON x 2!!!!

    Double the hoon. Lol
  7. Dont wear your P Plates then bro :LOL:

    Never owned a set of L's plates
    Never wore a set of L plates
    Never rode a learners bike
    No one knew I was a learner
    So neva copped shit that a learner would get

    Apply the same logic to P plates & you'll have no probs
    from anyone :LOL:

    catch ya
  8. I must admitt I have that impression about cars...

    Every time I see a car screaming up the road, revving the shit out of its engine, doing burnouts or crazy over taking, its got a P on it.

    I don't trust them and I avoid them like the plague when on the bike.

    I don't think bikes have this stigma though, all bikes go fast :p
  9. Of all the times I've had someone right up my arse on the bike, the majority have been young ladies flying the red P.

    Of all the times I've still had someone right up my arse on the bike after turning around and giving them a long "watch yourself, punk" glare through the tint, every single one has been young ladies flying the red P.

    One in particular, little green shitbox with rego "kermit", was no more than a metre off my rear, going down a steep hill at 60kph approaching an intersection (Plenty road approaching Settlement rd intersection). I flashed my brakes after the glare didn't work, and she didn't even flinch. I'm not going to hit a woman under any circumstances so what to do? I just got out of the way as soon as I could and let it go, but it's times like that I wish it was a guy in the car...

  10. You ride a motorbike so therefore you are a hoon. Get used to it!

    But seriously, I wouldn't worry about it to much. The car drivers are just jealous that you're having fun and they're stuck in boring boxes of steel. :)
  11. funny enough i had a little incident with "kermit" girl on my 250 as well
    gave her the look and she didnt even move
    but she did react when i gave her the finger for tailgating


  12. This was ok back in the good old days where no plates was a cool $50.

    Nowadays its 3points and 3hundred and something dollars.
    To put that into perspective not having plates up is classed as just as dangerous as running a red.

    I cant afford to lose my licence but jeez they make it easy.
  13. http://www.idiotdriver.com.au :wink:
  14. She must be bad if two riders remember her 'gating to the point of taking a mental note of the rego...

    Shame Kermy.... shame.

    Hopefully one day someone goes all Miss Piggy on her arse... :)

  15. Just goes to show the advantages of personalised rego plates....

    I'm sure you guys wouldn't have made the connection if her plates were WGS-342 or something. (Note: I just that plate up, any resemblance to real people/plates is entirely coincidental....)
  16. Absolutely Pete.

    Speaking of personalised rego's, I saw my first "new" plate the other day (ie, the new allowance of letter number letter), "M1RAGE", really stood out. Nice little money spinner for the gub'mnt I bet.

  17. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    THAT'S what we need, a considered and measured response in a heated subject :D
  18. Most p-platers I come across now actually drive extremely conservatively (often 10-15kph under the limit), think that "5 demerit points in 12 months and you're walking" scheme (in Victoria) has probably scared a few into submission.
  19. That might be in Vic with cameras and unmarked cars, but in NSW where the police are virtually invisible on the roads and the cameras have warning signs, I can assure you it's not.
  20. I was break checked while driving my car by a red bmw on kings way because I think she was pissed off I was doing the speed limit. Sometimes you have to overtake them, slam on the breaks wanting to make them crash and jump out of the car with the club lock before people stop doing these things...I know that that woman will never do anything like that again :twisted: