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P Plater Test Rides?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Freeform, Mar 26, 2011.

  1. Hey Guys,

    Just curious what companies like Honda are like with test rides?
    I really want to take my future bike (cb1100) for a spin before I buy it (get off restrictions in a few months), What are the legalities/policies behind this?

    Say my restrictions end and I am on my unrestricted green P's, (so I can legally ride it). Would they let me test ride it? Would I have to slap a green P on the back before I leave the dealership for the test ride?

    Could I get away with a test ride before that on my red P's?

    Those who actually know and don't just have an opinion, let me know :)

  2. It's really up to the individual dealer.

    I know when my wife worked for a bike shop if you didn't have a licence to ride a particular bike, you wearn't riding it.

    Other dealers I know never have any demos so wouldn't let ANYONE test ride a bike.

    Other shops don't seem to care, and have the attitude that if you get caught then it's your problem, not theirs.
  3. Interesting, this could get complicated. I have my heart set on this bike but I would really appreciate a test ride just in case.

    On a similar note, does anyone know of a good trustworthy Honda dealer (that would stock the CB1100) in Melbourne that ISN'T Peter Stevens in the CBD?
    I can't seem to find many or any?

    I really want this bike to be looked after, its going to be my baby, so I refuse to get screwed around by shady dealers.
  4. HART Somerton are having a public ride day as well as a demo ride day for the new cbr250r on 2/4. It's for free. With any luck they may have the new cb1100 they may let you try out on the range.
    New Honda CBR250R Test rides up for grabs