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P-plater jailed over fatal crash (not a bike)

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by incitatus, Dec 14, 2005.

  1. A few moments of stupidity, one dead, others injured, and a young life ruined. This could easily be several posters to this board who display the same 'I'm so good it can't happen to me', attitude. I'm not judging, just concerned, and aware of the potential for wasted lives.


  2. No winners with these things . Such a waste all round :cry:
  3. Sad, sad, waste.

    More fuel for the silent pursuit debate?
  4. Possibly. But it's not clear from the report that he was involved in pursuit at all. If he was, it's unlike the media to miss an opportunity to make the point.
  5. one of my friends went to school with dean. its a sad situation, and he was being totally stupid.
  6. Sentence way too short.
  7. Sad situation indeed.

    Bottom line i suppose is that someone died as a direct result of his stupid actions. He has to pay a price for that. Will jail actually help him....who knows he may come out worse. But i think yes, he deserves to be punished and jail prob is appropriate.
  8. yeah the forum doesnt let you make blank posts.... :roll:
  9. yep agree, should of got longer.......... and no i don't feel sorry for that guy at all, i feel the family who now have no mother!!!
  10. :( :cry:

    very sad.
  11. From memory this happened up near the interesection of Kings Rd & the Melton (aka Keilor-Melton Rd) Highway.

    I seem to remember it may have involved trying to avoid a booze bus at the time but I could be mixing up my crashes here.....