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P-plater in Newcastle

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Sprocket82, Dec 17, 2012.

  1. G'day everyone, I'm Dave, based in Newcastle, NSW. 30yo male with a bit of spare time for getting out on the bike at the moment.

    Fairly new to bikes, still learning the ropes. Started riding about 10 months ago when I purchased a stock standard 2008 Ninja 250R road bike and currently on my red P's (for another 4 months). Loving the bike so far. Joined a local forum but not much activity there so hoping to get involved here as well.

    Have done a few ride days with mates (Mangrove Mountain, Buckett's Way, Old Pac. Hwy etc) but looking to get out more now that summer is here. So far my favourite ride has been Stroud -> Dungog -> Gresford. Awesome bends for a light-weight sports bike but a not the smoothest road. Definitely going back there some day soon.

    Thinking I'll probably get a proper sports-touring bike once I'm fully licensed...

  2. Saying that the Stroud-Dungog-Gresford section is not the smoothest road is perhaps the understatement of the year :ROFLMAO:
    Anyway welcome to Netrider, I hope the experience is helpful for you
  3. Gday Dave, I'm hoping to get out more once I get back from my xmas trip.... probably around New Years. I also ride a Ninja 250R and have about 11 months to go on my P's.

  4. Thanks, Paul.
  5. Sounds good, Jason. I'm off work 1st and 2nd Jan. Double-demerits still apply on the 1st but we're both P-Platers so every day is a double demerits day for us anyway ;)

    Just message me if your keen and we'll organise something.

  6. G'day Sprocket, nice to see a local, kinda. If your ever cruising through the Mountain or near abouts give me a shout.