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VIC P Plater Driving a Chair

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by deadman, Feb 21, 2011.

  1. Can a P plater Ride a side car and carry a passenger in the chair,

    Not a pillion on the back seat, But in the chair,

    No pillion for 12 months, I am aware off,

    But a chair is some what different,
  2. VIC

    When you first get your motorcycle licence (full or probationary), the following restrictions and conditions apply for 12 months from the date of issue (shown on your licence card):


  3. Maybe so, but a LAMS bike with a chair....:-s:-s:-s.....that would be a new use of the word 'slow'
  4. Yes, but the great thing about a sidecar is that you don't need to exceed 40km/h in order to make passengers scream, cry or lose control of their bowels :twisted:.

    Sidecar outfits are fun at any speed.
  5. Thanks for the info,
    Heather wants to get a bigger bike, I am unlicenced.

    A 650 with a chair, Kills two birds with one stone,

    I had a chair on my 650 Bonnie for a couple of weeks years ago, And that wasnt slow by any means, Hahahahahahaha

    650 Bonnie is a lams bike,

    We both get to go on rides,

    Now to get a cheap chair,
  6. I knew that was the reason for question!
    And I can see you now, drunk as a lord and shouting "encouragement" from your throne...
  7. Hahahahahahahahahahaha Bloody near pissed myself,
  8. Hell, I would!
  9. i have a mate who has a 1968 BSA thunderbolt with a sidecar, a bit slow to take off ,but once it gets going it will sit on 110 kmph at 4500 rpm all day ,,,its all about how you gear the bike ,,and yes the 1960s 650cc british bikes,triumph,bsa norton ect ect are lams,,,,i dont know why you guys think these bikes are slow,most 1960s british bikes will pull close to 160kmph,,stock,and with the right gearing and some work will pull over 180 kmph..
  10. Actually if you really really want to scare your passengers - don't use a sidecar, get a vintage forecar - or better yet, a bit of engineering on something like a Spyder might work too :)

  11. I like it, a human crumple zone/airbag/bug deflector.

    The twin horn right behind the passenger's head is probably going a little too far though :LOL:.
  12. I rode my 1968 650 Bonnie for 17 years, it did 230 kph. flat stick,