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P-plater blitz nets 687 in 24 hours

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by FUTURE, Aug 12, 2007.

  1. Taken from...http://www.smh.com.au/news/national/pplater-blitz-nets-687-in-24-hours/2007/08/11/1186530678801.html

    No stats on P Plate bike riders. This is still scary stuff.

  2. its not enough. its something but not enough.

    parents dont know how to control their kids, thats the problem. if the kids respected and listened to their parents at that age it would work but

    COME ON!

    our government is way out of touch with reality.

    maybe one day, they will grow a brain.
  3. Governments can't legislate for who can breed or who can't, and they can't control how well or otherwise parents bring up their children, so the only recourse they have is to make laws that regulate their behaviour outside the home. What else are they to do?
  4. Interesting that all those figures are from "lower socio-economic regions". I wonder if these areas were targeted due to a lack of respect for the law, or the fact that wealthier suburbs tend to have wealthier kids, with arrogant parents who would contest any infringements, ie, easier targets?
    Or both?

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. 3 of the people I know of who were booked were fined for not having their p plate displayed properly. Yep, that saved a life or two.
  6. :? The study was in NSW and you're in Queensland :?
  7. P plate displayed is not about THEIR safety, it's about OUR safety. We see the plates, we keep the hell away from them.
    It also means P platers can be spotted by police breaking laws that apply to them.
    I don't get the anguish about this rule, it's never changed, it is just being enforced now, since people decided to interpret it as meaning "stick it under your sunvisor/throw P plate on rear parecl tray and forget about it".

    Regards, Andrew.
  8. What a half-arse crock of shit law.
  9. Blame the do gooders who cry child abuse when a parent decides to punish their child for being disobediant!

    That's why we have so many parents who cannot 'control' their kids.
    And yes, I do agree, some people should not be allowed to have kids.
  10. The authorities were told long before the laws came in that P-platers would remove their plates. Lets face it, keeping people under the thumb with the use of a whole raft of laws only works if someone has something to lose in the first place.

    And not only that, look at the direction that things are headed on the road these days. We have people driving while having been disqualified, and driving uninsured and unregistered. The growing trend against our authorities would appear to me to be the increase in big brother laws being inversely proportional to the people willing to abide by them.

    If young P plate drivers are anything like I used to be as a kid then they are footloose and fancy free and frankly couldn't give a stuff about laws, all they want to do is have fun. Our authorities are breeding a generation who have contempt for the people who govern them .... and to be honest with you I don't blame the kids.

    I am 46 years old and I am very close to three boys ( the oldest is 11 ). I shudder to think that one day they might be involved in a car accident. As an adult and a godfather to one of the boys all I can do is love them and instill the same common sense that my parents passed on to me.... the rest I am afraid is up to them.

  11. Why is it a crock of shit?
  12. Why are the police making this a parenting issue? These are individuals under the age of 25 ffs! Not 15yo kids out playing on the local footy field. They are likely to be 18+, potentially in their early 20's, taxpayerts, might not even live it home who just happen to be P plate holders.

    The laws may or may not be relevant or worthwhile but hardly worth the following:

  13. Bullshit!

    They should ban all mobile-phone use in cars for all drivers, not just learners, P1 drivers and provisional riders.

    It's been clearly shown that even using hands free systems drivers talking on a mobile phone are strongly impaired in terms of ability to safely drive.

    This may only be a start, but hopefully it'll be extended to the whole driving population.
  14. Studies have also shown that the risk is similar to having a conevrsation with someone in the car too, perhaps we should ban passengers?
    It's also been shown that over 50% of motorcycle accidents are single vehicle, perhaps we should ban them too?
    Or, and this is just a crazy idea, teach people to properly use them!
    Frankly, I never have issues with people on hands free, it's just tossers with the unit held to their heads.
    And I bet there are many, many mobile phone users )like me) who know how to do more than one thing at once :roll: , and you never see them, do you?
    So we should ban them because 1% of teh population are dickheads?
    I'd rather see better driver training for the other, greater problems on the roads.

    Regards, Andrew.
  15. I love this stuff. People whinging about a government that that they think has no idea what to do to fix a problem. OK, what is your solution? Before you start whinging how about you come up with a solution that WILL work and then do something about it. Get active, write letters, get involved. Otherwise, if you are just going to sit back and snipe from the cheap seats - then shut the fcuk up.

    The authorities can't bloody win. If they sit back and let people be people, then the road toll skyrockets and innocent people get taken out on the road by fcuking morons. This leads to media scandal and possible sacking for those in charge for dropping the ball. But if they crack down on a group that is over-represented in crash statistics and greatly at risk, then they are called discriminatory, big-brother, power-hungry, revenue raisers. Bollocks to that. These P-plate laws have been a long time coming and the total lack of care of the people being targeted is shown by the number of people getting booked who obviously have total disrespect for the law and the rest of society. Serves 'em right. I wish I could believe they would learn from it but that would be foolish. But at least some people who don't give a stuff about the law, and probably blow off most of the other laws as well, are going to be off the road for a while.
  16. agree with the sentiment, but wont happen.
    the use of a car-kit is only as dangerous as exchanging conversation with a passenger.
  17. What a crock of shit, you want to make sure your friends get home safely, or save them the $30 taxi fare. Hell even, "Chap laps" (Or laps up and down the busiest street in town [for the non-vics]), despite showing how much of a retread you are, don't kill people.

    Once again, back to the "mollycoddling" (as unbelievable as the "lets-drive-20km/h-slower-then-the-45-tonne-truck" rule)

    Imho, if you use a "Carnot engine" analogy, you can only get the Road toll down to a minimum number of people, after that it becomes exponentially more difficult to prevent people dying. I feel we are at that point, hance the complaints of "over regulation".

    And people still are able to wipe themselves out, through their own actions. Consider it darwin in action, as long as innocents don't get caught in the way.

    AFAIK, isn't it illegal in victoria to hold/text anyway? bluetooth and handsfree is though.
    And what yould you classify as intercom systems then? bike to bike, "mobile phones" by definition... UHF/VHF radios?
  18. I can understand the rules, especially the restriction on passengers, but at 25 I was married, earning good money as a equipment engineer for a company that made medical products and was driving my flash company car 80,000km/yr. I didn't drink or drive, had no accidents and was eminently sensible. As were most of my 25yo friends. FFS, at that age some of my friends had a child or two, all had mortgages and none considered themselves 'kids'.

    I think that most of the new 'offences' that under 25yo's can now be done for existed before. They all rely on a visible police presence, something that seems harder to get nowadays. In fact, wouldn't having more police visible help reduce a lot of crime?
  19. Spot on.

    Until the government introduces some sort of 'More in-depth, compulsory, practical driver training program' aimed at raising the skills of young drivers: I will ALWAYS call bullshit on every law and restriction they bring in.

    Every piece of legislation and crack-down is a cop-out; a way for pollies to be seen to be solving the problem. We are treated like mushrooms, and accept it because we're told 'it's in the public interest'.

    I'm not saying restricitng mobile phone use is a bad thing, I'm saying neglecting driver training is a much greater evil, and we are letting ourselves be screwed by bureaucrats.

    I use my phone while driving. Suck me, RTA.
  20. You are teh Devil!!!