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VIC P-Plate restrictions question

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by jparaga, Mar 5, 2013.

  1. hi guys,
    I am currently still on my Probationary license on my car but i have held my motorcycle license for more than 12 months and the restriction end date has passed. Does this mean i can now carry pillion passengers and do i also need to still display my P plate on my bike because I still have a Probationary car license or can i take off the P since my Probationary motorcycle restrictions are over?
    I cant seem to find any clear information about it anywhere so any help would be much appreciated.
    Thanks :)

  2. Do you have to go to RTA and get your unrestricted licence for bike ?

    If you've done that I can't see how it's different from having a full car licence and L's or P's on a bike.

    I don't put L's on my car just because I have L's on the bike.
  3. nah when i got my Ps on my bike they sent me a new car probationary license n on the license with a condition for my bike license. It also says restrictions referring to my bike license and then it says on the back: 10-1-13 LAM, cannot carry pillion passengers, 0.0 BAC restrictions end date.. but ive also found that because im still on my Ps i must still have a 0.0 BAC so was just wondering if i had to keep the other restrictions as well? cant find a clear answer anywhere haha
  4. oh ok awesome! thanks a lot for your help much appreciated :)
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    Full licence on the bike, no P plate required on the bike.

    As to the other restrictions, you are on a full motorcycle licence therefore on the bike you have no restrictions. But when in the car you have restrictions.
  6. How do you figure? If he's on the bike he is a fully licenced rider. But in the car different story. Let me ask you this, say you have a full drivers licence and P's for a bike, does that mean you have 0.00 limit in the car as well? I wouldn't think so.
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  7. Guys,

    The detail to be mindful of is - you don't have separate licenses for the car and the bike. You only have one license, which allows you to ride a bike, or drive a car, or both. And that one license may be a full license or a probationary one (hence below statements do not apply to a learner's permit).

    So, if you're a probationary driver and you pass your bike license test, then you're a probationary rider. And you will have a full license when the time comes, based on the date that you got your probationary driver's license. Up to that point, normal probationary restrictions apply (e.g. displaying a P plate).

    And if you have a full driver's license and pass the bike license test, you'll get a full bike license. The probationary restrictions will not apply. So, so won't need to display a P plate.

    Independently of the above, there are the newly licensed rider's restrictions (LAMS and pillion) that apply for 12 months from the date you pass the motorcycle license test. If you become a fully licensed driver within these 12 months - that won't matter, the restrictions still apply. If you're a probationary driver after these 12 months - doesn't matter, the restrictions no longer apply.

    So to your question b12mick - you can't have a full driver's license and P's on a bike. That notion simply doesn't exist, you only have one license that is either full or P.

    And your situation HB - had your daughter passed her bike license test, say, 4 months prior to her getting a full driver's license, she would have to display P plates on her bike for 4 months only.
  8. Sorry, for Victoria you are quite correct. It's quite different in NSW.
  9. thought that was what i said in a hell of a lot less words. we were both riding the same bike and she waited 5months just so she didnt have to bother with putting the p plate on and taking it off again for me to be able to ride. neither of us were in a hurry to pillon or upgrade
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  10. we got our learners and licence together onthe same day
  11. I had my full drivers license for many years and then got my bike learners and then 4 months later went for the full bike license test.. i am STILL restricted to zero BAC. LAMS bike and no pillion or towing for 1 year from the date i got my bike license.. i do not have to display a P plate though.

    i believe your information is misleading.
  12. It's not misleading, he goes on to explain the newly licensed riders restrictions.
    It's a bit confusing, but what he said wasn't misleading.
  13. Yeah.. ok.. sorry.. i did read on.. but didnt connect the use of the words "independently of the above" properly
  14. So pretty much in answer to your question, yes you still have to have a P plate on your bike until your finish your term with a P plate license, however once you have done your 1 year and are on a full bike license you can have a pillion and a more powerful bike, but still have to display a P plate and have 0 BAC like any P plater, and prepare to get pulled over a lot.