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P Plate Placement

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by JimmyD, Sep 6, 2010.

  1. hi all,

    decided to put another p plate on my bike as the old one broke, so i tried mounting it differently. trying to make it less wind affected so it might last for longer.


    you think i'll get in trouble for having it like this? i dont want any more attention than i get already as my bike wouldnt be roadworthy haha.

    ps. dont worry about the tyre.
  2. It only needs to be clearly visible, doesn't it? I'd say it meets that requirement.
  3. Considering that I'm missing about half of mine, I'm sure that will be fine.
  4. i'll see how it goes. it might just break like the last one did.
  5. I cable tied mine in a similar way back when I was on my P's. Worked for a few weeks before my rear tyre somehow got peckish and ate the P plate. I arrived home to find 2 cable ties holding half a P plate lol.
  6. Glue...and 7 more plates. Works for me.
  7. I thought it was just me who had trouble keeping P's on the bike. Mine are lucky if they last a trip across Sydney! Mine simply break off where I have them bolted on leaving a small corner of plastic. Only 16 days left to worry about that though.
  8. I use the thicker, almost inflexible ones with a whole on both sides, tied onto the number plate with a bit of leather thong. Last one was still on the bike when we parted ways, current one has been on for around 6000km and a couple of slides (car drivers and the road it self are trying to kill me! :().

    Is it just me who doesn't have trouble keeping these things on the bike? Are mine lucky to have lasted to Canberra and back, then around Melbourne for a couple of months?
  9. i had one p plate that lasted for ages, off road mostly too. but the colour went out of it because of all the rocks getting thrown at it.
  10. A solution for both of you...

    I was on the bus to uni, heading through Newtown, and i saw a rider in front with an ingenious solution to any problem of plates

    He had neatly duct-taped a plastic red p-plate to the center of the back of his jacket. I wish i had taken a photo

    I had a good chuckle to myself when i saw that. Was quite impressed actually