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P-Plate Pillions - NSW

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by techodavo, Jul 16, 2006.

  1. Hi all,

    I've been confused by this issue for a while. In the rider's handbook, it states that you cannot pillion a person until you have held your license for 12 months. I used to assume that this didn't include your Learners, because they were referrred to as a permit at one stage. However i've been looking up on the rta website tonight, and it calls it a Learners License. Am i right to assume now that because i held my L's for 6 months, and have had my P's now for 11 months that im well and truly legally allowed to pillion a passenger? The other interesting point that i found was on the list of offences and demerit points. It has a specific offence relation to pillioning passengers on your L's, but not on your P's, which seems to denote that there is a stage on your P's where you are legally allowed to Pillion people. What do you all think?>?>


  2. As I understand it & what have been told by RTA both in Albury & Corowa , no pillion while on L's & 1st 12 months of holding your P's.

    Does the red & green P plate system still hold for bikes in NSW as it does for car licence. If so how does this no pillion passenger rule work then?
  3. I always understood this to mean 12 months since you obtained your 'real' licence, in other words, the period spent on your Ls does not count.
    I could be wrong though.
  4. Does it still say you can take a passenger on L or P plates so long as the passenger holds a full bike licence?
  5. No, no pillions on P's fullstop.

    At the end of 12 months you have to go to RTA and get unrestricted license for $15 or so.
    Or wait another 3 months on P's and they will send you a letter to come and upgrade no charge.
    Then you are free to pillion, ride non LAMs bikes and be 0.05 alcohol (still any alcohol isnt a smart move on bike)

    If you are over 30 and gold license you get to skip P's, but must then still cant pillion for 12 months (I think it says it on license).

    Only red P's for 12 months on bikes, they havnt brought in 3 year P's yet, though I expect they will as soon as the media does a beatup on it.
  6. What ... the passenger not the one in control of the bike. Law dont give a twat what the passenger holds.

    No pillion passenger while on L's & during the 1st 12 months.

    Just spent last few min goin over the RTA site AGAIN , not very clear on this for those doing the Learner - Prov - Full riders licence.

    Different story for the mature age rider.
  7. Yes it seems to make sense that you couldn't do it, but i wish they would make it a little clearer in the rule book. Come to think of it i wish that they would make everything a little clearer, seems you need a degree to make sense of most of it.

    Not that any of it matters after August 10 anyways :grin:

  8. No it doesn't !

    I did the straight to unrestricted, it says nothing on my licence about pillioning.

    I think its upto the authority who has pulled you over to do some maths and see how long you have had your licence.
  9. This is from the riders handbook:(p.67)

    You must have held a rider's licence for at least
    12 months before you are permitted to carry a
    pillion passenger.

    To me that means that you need the full license (not p's or l's) for twelve months.

    might be best to ring an RTA to find out?

    I've found that the whole bike licence handbooks are shocking in NSW. Nowhere does it say red p's or green p's or anything in any of the handbooks. I had to ask at the RTA when I got my p's and the didn't believe me that it wasn't in there.
  10. Some years ago you could take a passenger on L and P plates if the passenger held a full bike licence.
    They have changed the rules for riding a number of times in the last twenty years or so.

    Like forward mounted pegs and sissy bars and crash bars used to be either illegal or frowned upon.

    Now many bikes have all three.
  11. Yep agree on that. Hubby & I did the min L plate thing & straight to full riders licence, because of this 'mature rider' thing.
    No mention what so ever on your licence on how long you have held it for. So its your call if you wish to take that risk & get a cop who wants to play it by the book. Come think about it, he would have to call it in & check the RTA records on how long one has held bike licence for. Only dates on licence is bday & licence expiry date.
  12. Actually that 'mature rider thing' does have certain restrictions, they might not be listed on the licence but they are there nevertheless. As a mature rider you're free from the restrictions regarding types of bikes you can ride, but you STILL have to be on Zero level of alcohol, rather than 0.05 allowed to regular licence holders. And the other restriction is that one regarding pillion.
  13. The new in-car police computers have complete read-outs, when the lic was issued, what kind of lic it is, when it expires, how many infringement notices you have got, what the infringement was for and when you last got one.

    All they need to do is type your lic number and name into the computer.

    Welcome to the 21 century.
  14. Yes very true on all accounts. Dont drink @ all when riding full stop. Like I said above the copper would have to call it in to actually check the dates on just how long you have held licecne. No where does it state how long have held riders licence for.
  15. Nothing on the back next to "Conds"?

    Oh well, I bet theres about 50 public servants employed in the motorcycle license restrictions department and they cant even manage to do that. Our taxes at work :roll:
  16. Here in the 21st century they just swipe the card :grin:
    And they already know the history of the car and its registered owner before they get out.

    But how much gadgets are in Hwy cars these days :shock:
    Computers, cameras, monitors. Wish I had that many toys :)
  17. :LOL: talk about distractions .. & yet whats all this noise about cagers on there mobile phones etc. ... Double standard. Just pointing it out. Been known to have a go @ a cager who didnt see me because to busy on the phone. .. Oh just hijacked the topic :LOL: sorry