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P-Plate....how long does it need to be there ?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Removed_User_5, Oct 5, 2005.

  1. Im going to do My P test next month and im wondering......if i dont have a current car driving license do i have to display my P plate for a year or 2 years......
    Somebody mentioned that you need P plates for 2 years....is that right ?
    If it is then can i not upgrade till Ive done my 2 years on P's ?

    Is there any other rules like age which will make a difference ?

  2. You are correct!

    It is the same for car P-platers (2 year restriction). If you already had a full car license then it is a different matter.
  3. F*@*) I knew it wouldnt work in my favour.
    Bummer.....so I cant upgrade for 2 years.

    O the hell im going to be going through is unmentionable.
  4. If it makes you feel any better, I think it's only a small fine if you get caught on a bigger bike, and bear in mind that today's big bikes are much faster than cop cars....

    You could always buy a big bike, and swap the numberplates, most cops don't know what they're looking at!

    Or just wait 2 years.
  5. You may be able to upgrade you bike after 12 months. You still have to display "P"s for 2 years though.

    From Vicroads

    Riding Your Motor cycle
    When you have your motor cycle licence issued, regardless if it is full or probationary, the following restrictions apply for 12 months. They are:
    you cannot ride a motor cycle with an engine capacity exceeding 260 cubic centimetres
    you must not ride a motor cycle while carrying a pillion passenger (a motorcycle and sidecar is acceptable with a passenger)
    if you already have a full motorcar licence, you must have a Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) of .00% when riding a motor cycle

    Riding on a Probationary Licence
    If you are issued with a Probationary motor cycle licence, the following restrictions apply until the end of your probationary period.
    display a 'P' plate on the rear of the motor cycle only.
    carry your licence at all times while riding the motor cycle
    wear an approved protective helmet while riding
    zero BAC.

    What's the end restriction date on your license say??
  6. Since when was the Probationary period only 2 years. When I got my licence it was 3yrs. Granted, that was a decade ago but I'd never heard of a change. :? :)
  7. ..i thought on bikes it was 3 months on L's and 12 months on P's :shock:

    in cars 3 years on P's

    and if you have your full car licence when you go for your bike licence then the same time limit applies however you don't have to display the P plate
  8. For cars the Probationary period is 3 years. for motorcycles I was told by Vicroads the engine capacity restriction is for 1 year. If you dont have a car license or still on your car P's you will need to display P plates on your motorbike for a year.

    The only exception I was told is if you are on a full car license already. In that case do not need to display P plates on your motorcycle.
  9. that is correct, you can upgrade you bike, after 1 year but must display the p's for the second year.
  10. your P plate period is 3 years no matter what vehicle you jump on first and it only needs to be done once. only difference with motorbikes is that you have a 12 month restriction period whether you have done your Ps already or not. you will be able to get a bigger bike after 12 months if you are on your Ps, but you still have to display the plate and you still cant have a BAC over 0.0 until the P period is over.

    if you do your Ps on the bike, you wont need to do it in the car when you get that licence and vice versa. but going from the car to the bike, you will have a 12 month restriction period without displaying a P plate.

    clear as mud :D
  11. Lets be picky over a typo. It should of read....

    You may be able to upgrade you bike after 12 months. You still have to display "P"s for another 2 years though.
  12. FFS!

    Are they trying to be confusing on purpose?

    At least if I'm unable to know what I can and can't ride, then the authorities are unlikely to know also!
  13. Hey Stookie, Did you ever have a car license in Scotland?
  14. I wasn't being picky. I was asking a question because I was left confused. How should I know if it's a typo? It wasn't me who made the typo. I'm neither a mind reader, or stupid enough to believe everything I know is right. I wasn't trying to offend you, I simply required clarrification. :)
  15. sorry no car license ever.....i did drive though. Just not legally...oops.

    So just to be sure.....I can upgrade my bike but need to keep a p plate on for 3 years, 2 of which i will be allowed on a bigger bike ?

    Well thats not so bad....as long as i can upgrade is good. My ickle bike had guts for the first month then i got used to it too quick and need more power.
    Not speed but power...
  16. This always confuses people, I think coz many refer to the first 12 months of a motorcycle endorsement as getting their "motorbike P's". The info on here is correct in Victoria. Another way of thinking about it is that for the first 2 years of a LICENCE it is considered as a "probationary" period to which you must display "P" plates and restricted to zero BAC (and power restrictions may apply to cars, and transmission types). For the first 12 months of a motorcycle ENDORSEMENT on a LICENCE is the 260cc, zero BAC and no pillion restriction.

    So in your situation Stookie, when you get your licence you must show P plates for 2 years (and zero BAC), but are only restricted on the bike (260cc and no pillion) for 12 months. In your second year of your licence you would have to show "P" plates, but could ride a 1300cc bike and would have to have zero BAC.

    Basically just confirming what everyone else has said :D