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P Plate Drivers - Whats their story?

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by warnzie, Oct 14, 2010.

  1. Almost a near miss...riding down Maudsland Rd for those on the Gold Coast area doing speed limit but a bit more, have this young P plate girl in a old white Ford Telsta behind me, not a problem, the next minute im riding casually and in the corner of my eye is this white object right beside me...what the hell...she was trying to overtake me over double lines going into a blind downhill drop in the road. To be honest, i was that taken by what was going on i just dropped my jaw in amazment...the poor thing had the car foot to the floor and it wasnt making much progress and it was going down hill:rofl: Thank goodness nothing was coming the other way. The funniest thing in the story is this...she eventually overtook me just to get in front of me to get behind the truck that was in front of me at the time:-s and she stayed behind it the whole time:-s What the hell?

    To top it off this morning with a P plater in a commodore with music blasing, stopped at a intersection to let cars go whose light just went green...then the P for Professional driver for some reason decides to let his horn off a million times been inpatient and then a car drives along pass me at the intersection as normal...what the hell...who do they think they are...and even though he pretty much made a tool out of himself, he had the hide to hug my bum like a chimpanzee on a navy ship for a distance? What in the hell is wrong with the young ones...NO RESPECT WHAT SO EVER...time we sent them to the foreign legion for a few months to learn some respect
  2. Mate, I cannot agree with you anymore !
    The youngest brother in our family, being your typical 'New Day P-Plater' has lost his licence 2 times !!! Now, not a single person in our entire family has had this 'bad luck' previously, and you could imagine I, as the oldest bro being furious with this !
    I constantly remind him to pull his head in and obey rules, like the rest of the world does. He is a great kid, my bro but it's the way the younger generations are evolving. Sad, but true.
    Glad you weren't involved any further in these events you described by these young 'I now have the power' wannabe 'racer P-Platers.
    Stay safe mate (y)
  3. There's sadly no intelligence test required to obtain a licence.
  4. phil,
    I don't believe that intelligence is necessarily always the reason. My younger brother comes from a very intelligent, highly accomplished family - he's definitely not a dumb kid ! Hence my fury when I eventually found out the trouble he got himself into.

    The world is changing, and with these changes even we, as older, more respecting types are following suit, unfortunately.
    In the case of my bro (can't speak on behalf of the many other culprits!),his friends seem to persuade/influence him into doing things he'd normally not do, ie, peer pressure.

    They're at the age where they feel they are 'growing' ; a time for them to make their mark in this world, in which they were previously captured in. Now they think they can speed, overtake, drive commodores, falcons, S15's etc etc any way they wish...and get away with it.

    I almost get taken out by a P-Plater everyday, and when such a thing happens, I turn this event into a lecture towards my bro. He hates hearing me blab on, but I'm hoping that 'one' day, he'll get the picture and mature a little, realising that NOBODY is bulletproof.

    Sorry for the lengthy reply - this sh*t gets my blood boiling.
  5. Last saturday I was heading along High St Road coming upto the Springvale Rd intersection. It was a red light and I had no intentions of racing to the red light to stop. However the P-Plater in the commodore with all his mates behind me was. He over took me in my lane (I was in the RHS lane he passed with 1 wheel in the turning lane), which i felt was very rude at least. I wasn't sure if I should filter past him to get to the front. I figured it would probably be safer to be behind him for the time being. Then this little wanker starts waving at me in his rear view mirror.

    I really cant work it out, with perhaps 40m untill he had to stop, whats the point of getting infront of a much faster vehicle? I wasnt going to hold him up once the light went green!
  6. The reason theres so many bad P platers is due to Darwanism, there is a certain percentage of people who are just bad stupid drivers. Most of these will crash, lose their license or do something so stupid that they think about driving a bit better, leaving fitter drivers on the road. Most P platers are alright drivers, but you don't notice them because they are not trying to overtake you over double white lines.
  7. i hear ya

    my younger bro usually listens to me about shit (being that i've had a lot of say in his development from a teen to a young adult), but sometimes he does stuff that just plain makes me shake my head and wonder what the hell..

    for instance, when he got his bike L's 12 months ago, we talked about going for cruises and such (since that is one of my favourite things to do car / bike whateva) so i agreed to have him follow me down to the Blue Mountains and i was going to take him on the fantastic Hawkesbury / Springwood Rd to Richmond (from the Great Western highway turn on). he was on his Aprilia rs125 and everything was going fine until i started to notice the way he changed lanes. Everytime i changed lanes in the car, he would immediately follow without so much as a headcheck!!! I found a clear stretch of a couple of km to test this theory and lo and behold he would immediately switch lanes behind me whenever I did. being a predominant car driver i had no idea what its like on a bike, but even watching him do that both scared me and pissed me off.

    To top that off, when we turned off onto the hawkesbury road, i was looking for a spot ahead where i could pull over, and have a chat with him, and to let him take the lead down this twisty mountain road all the way to richmond. Much to my surprise, i didnt get the chance to pull over as he pulled alongside me on the left shoulder of the road in my lane - at speed - and hovered there for a bit until i noticed him gesturing with his hands if this was the road for him to take off on!! Mind you i'm a fair car driver and had my car under control the whole time but this was not planned!

    Karma struck in the end anyway, thank god, caught up to him 1km later because his engine had died, couldnt start it for like 2 hours, then we got it going, and on the way back home on the M4, his gearbox carked it completely and the bike was sold for scrap.

    needless to say, i never took him for a cruise again...

    sorry for the length but this shit pisses me off too
  8. We have 2 P Platers in our family, 18 and 21. The 21 year old wrote her car off a week after getting it (was too busy changing radio stations to watch the road, fortunately had no injuries) the other one is clinging onto one point and shes only had her licence a few months! Its not just P Platers either, the sight of elderly drivers with hats in the back fills me with fear too.........oh, and those grey nomads who tow their caravans around everywhere, they just will not pull over for anyone, and will not go anywhere even remotely near the speed limit, and I find its usually on a tight twisty road where there just isnt enough view of the road to get past them safely. I agree, send them all to the foreign legion!
  9. Hearing you mav !
    My youngest bro (one in mention above) has marvelled at me with my bike/s, saying he would LOVE to get his Motorcycle licence. My reply was very short and sweet "No F***ing Way !". We've all told him when he gets the S15, fast driving bug out of his system, AND he's at least 26yrs of age, he turns 21 in Feb (when we estimate he'll have settled down a bit) then we'd have no problems with him doing so. Maybe riding a bike will educate him more on the dangers of road driving/riding, however for now, we don't want to lose him !
    I don't care what anyone says - sometimes it pays to be harsh NOW to prevent being sorry later.
  10. Nickers i'd go online and find a whole bunch of info about problems with the S15 to discourage driving / ownership. but if his friends are a problem then remind him that if something happens, they won't give him any money or support to help with repairs to the car or his body (knock wood!).

    or maybe shock collar therapy? :p
  11. When riding back from my run down tamworth the other weekend i came across one of these gray nomads as you call them.
    There were two cars infront of me and a p plater in his commie behind me.
    The first car went around and as the utility went to do the same at the next safe place the bloody p plater put there foot to the floor went around me and almost collected the utility as he was moving out to over take.
    The utility clearly indicated that he was going out a good few seconds before he started to move across, but the P plater was too impatient to wait there turn.
    The only reason the p plater didnt hit the utility was because the utility driver checked there mirror seen them comming and moved back in.
  12. I used to do dumb shit (fortunately nothing that stupid) when I got my Reds... Grew out of when after about 6 months. Calmed down a lot when I was 'training' myself for when I got my bike license (roadcraft, I pretended I was on a bike from the safety of a cage) and have calmed down even more after I had a crash on the bike. I have a few mates who drive like completely 'tards but don't seem to realise it. :s Myself, I've never had a crash in my car however I have had a few close calls which have woke me up (nothing really serious, I was following a bit too close and had to put the anchors on fairly hard but still stopped with plenty of room).

    I've had a mate crash the family car three times, then get his own car then crash it in a parking lot.. I think it's got a lot to do with attitude. Some people will always be aggressive drivers it seems..

    That said, some drivers who are on their full license are abysmal drivers and really should know better. The amount of times I've seen people driving literally closer than a metre to the car in front in an EIGHTY ZONE is ridiculous. I don't think they've ever heard of following distance.
  13. what is a "new day p plater"?

    I have a friend who is still on his p's as a matter of some rather unfortunately luck. He does not speed on purpose and takes pains to obey the road rules. Despite this he has lost his licence three times, all for less than 15 km/h (old system) or 10 km (new system) over (first offence for p platers is suspension). To believe that police do not target p-plate drivers is living in denial.

    However, there does seem to be a considerable difference between the attitude of your brother and my mate. On the flip side, I was a similar driver to your brother. Within a month of starting to ride, while I was still driving fast most places, I was doing it much more sensibly and taking note of the dangers and aiming to avoid them.
  14. How about an opinion from a P-plater?

    Im a P-plater (although couldve gotten fulls like 3 months ago) and i totally agree that 50% of them are f***ed. I see stupid dumbass female drivers on the damn phone, chatting away oblivious to the world around them. Not a freaking clue. I've also got a mate who used to speed alllll the time. I cant believe he never got caught. I seriously hoped he did get caught to teach him a lesson.

    lol, i used to get bagged out by mates cause apparently i drove like a grandma. F***ers :p

    I admit, i got done for speeding once, doing 62 in a 50 zone on the Pacific Highway, in Berry. Damn, I though it was 60, i was halfway through a Sydney to Canberra road trip, like i knew :p

    Also, what the heck is with all these people with earphones when they are driving?!

    Well, in reply to the OP question, the P-platers story: they are all jacked up on hormones have no life experience, and hence no clue and cannot survive without approval of peers.

  15. There are a TON of cockhead P Plater commodore drivers around The Glen aren't there....
  16. hehe I'm a P plater commonwhore.

    But really. Smack them with some heavy fines for doing stupid shit and some will learn and calm down.

    I'm more of a cruiser in the car but when I first got my license I was a goose at stages until girls got in the car.. but since getting my bike license I sometimes shock other drivers in my hooned up VS because Im courteous etc.

    and Tim, who cares if they gave you shit.. if your friends are sensible at all; do you notice they call on you to drive rather than your mate who speeds all the time? Unless it's because of my H3KT1K sound system, I notice my cars always got more passengers than my other mates when convoying it up

    Just my blabber of 2 cents
  17. Sorry, poorly thought out comment on my part. It's just the first thing that crosses my mind when the white baseball cap hero behind the wheel of a wrx nearly runs me off the road whilst talking on the mobile phone and blaring that ghastly doof doof.

    I'm sure your brother is a very smart boy.

    I, like any other mortal am guilty of making judgement calls on minority groups after my (not so?)limited encounters with their kind.
  18. I remember doing some silly things on my car ps and had a few close calls where luckily the other car was on the ball enough to give me room. Nothing terrible but it makes me cringe thinking about what could have happened. Of course at the time I didn't see anything wrong.. I'm glad I didn't start riding at 18 or I could have been in some trouble with that same attitude. Sure I'm still a pretty big goose on the bike now but I've got a much better perspective of my limits and risk etc than I did 10 years ago.

    I guess the p plate thing is just something we all go through, I think the inexperience is pretty well equal but some take more risks than others.
  19. Thanks mate, but really didn't mean to have a 'go' at you dude. I responded in fury of the realization to what happened to my younger bro, who should know better. I'm sure there are many (most) out there who are intelligent enough to try and do the right thing often.

    And I hear you mate re the mobile phone. I rode from Templestowe to Mt Martha yesterday arvo, and whilst on the Eastlink, I must have seen at least 10 drivers on their mobile phones ! One attempted to change lanes onto me, without a head-check AND holding a mobile phone close to their ear....if I could not continue my current line of work for any reason, having a 'Freddy' to correct this sort of ignorant, irresponsible behaviour on our roads would be the first step in getting some of these pr*cks off the roads.

    'Be careful what you wish for' seems to spring to mind here ;)
  20. my theory is that once people get their P plates, they immediately form a mindset that it is now their right* to drive on the road, and hence, do whatever they want because it's their "right"...problem is that it is never a right...it is a privilege to hold a license and with that comes the responsibility to drive (or what they call driving) on the roads. you might pay for the privilege but its a privilege none the less.

    You could argue that if you pay taxes the road is yours to use how you want...sorry but the entire road network in Australia is not solely funded by the petty tax on your weekly paycheck...you can't even claim ownership of the gutter. 27million other people including myself pay these taxes and i'll be damned if some little piss ant is going to claim ownership and lives whilst they are on the road. Especailly some P plater who doesnt work or pay taxes, and lives at home with mummy and daddy wiping his ass every time he takes a step...


    *Which is probably also why there are a fair number of 4WD owners who are cocks as well.