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P P P P P P's Passed

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by wedge, Jan 6, 2007.

  1. Hey all, passed my P's with flying colours.
    Nice bloke at the wheels skills, really relaxed atmosphere, made it easy to focus on the task at hand.
    Thanks to everyone for your advice

    Stoked, only 12 months till i'm a fully licenced rider
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  3. Right on, thanks Cleverlie
  4. I'm not so sure.. I think you're better off on the bike you're already comfortable with, as long as the bike is up to the task. It's true bigger bikes can have a problem with the cone weave and the U-turn, but the GS500 is not that much bigger than CB250. I would suggest finding one of the spots where people laid out the test course and having a go at it. If you find you're having problems, hire a cibby. But if you're doing OK on your GS then stick with what you know.

    Edit: Oh, I see - you're not in Sydney... well, you might have to measure out a course for yourself. This document gives the dimensions and stuff: http://www.stayupright.com.au/pdf/most.pdf
  5. mate i went on my gs500f really u cant go wrong coz it is such a nimble bike that is easy to manouvre just make sure u take it for a ride first just 2 get used 2 the controls
  6. With enough practice I think its safe to say you can do it on almost any bike. Just might take you a year to get the hang of cone weaving on a cruiser :D
  7. Yeah my bikes pretty nimble in the u-turn department and the weaving.
    Think i'm just gunna use my bike, i've been riding nearly everyday since i got my L's so i'm pretty familiar with the bike, cant imagine it'll be a problem.
    I'll keep everyone posted :wink:
  8. The gs500f is fully faired isn't it? I'm doing mine on the 23rd with my zzr which is fully faired. It'll be more difficult, but doable.
  9. dude, best to do it on a bike your comfy with !
    If you have been riding the GS for a while and confident on it, go ahead.

    just remember - head check, head check, head check !
  10. Yep the good ol' headcheck, i've heard you have to do like a mandatory of 3 during your ride to pass...so i'll do 3 quick ones before i pull off to start :wink:
    Been practising the u-turns, i can do them in about 4 metres and the test area is 6 so i shouldn't have a problem.
    Go the GS :grin:
  11. Hi there wedge

    Best of luck with your P's, if you have been riding it everyday I'd go with gs. I had the gs and the zeal at the time i did my test and i went with the zeal as i had been riding it alot longer.

    ALL THE BEST let us know how you go.
    Cheers Lou
  12. dont sweet it man u dont even need to practice its easy. they give u like 3 hours of practice time doing a harder version of the course than they will test u on. As long as u can swerve ur machine u will be fine.
  13. yeah its fully faired but ithink it has more turn to full lock, a guy that went for his p's at the same time as me done his on a cbr250rr without any problems.
  14. The 6.1 Metre U-turn was hard on my CBR, I went outside the line, where they get you is points for not doing head checks.
  15. Hey all, passed my P's with flying colours.
    Nice bloke at the wheels skills, really relaxed atmosphere, made it easy to focus on the task at hand.
    Thanks to everyone for your advice :grin:

    Stoked, only 12 months till i'm a fully licenced rider :grin:
  16. Congrats mate! Hope to be passing mine on tuesday! Doing it on the zzr, but I've practised the test and am semi confident. Since its $100 to hire a cb and $43 to redo the test I figure If I fail I can redo it and still save money. :cool:

    I'll let you know how I go.
  17. Well done mate on the passing.

    now just pay the government some more money and away ya go again!

    Hey jared, you'll be fine.

    The guys at HART are cool and ya just gotta relax.

    They will put you through heaps of practice with the cones closer, zig zaggier, u turn tighter etc etc before the test and then the test is REAL easy after that.

    Just make sure that you understand EXACTLY what they require you to do at each task!

    And on the road part, just try and dissappear into the background as much as poss. The first stop they will ask what a safe distance 60km/h is from the car in front and everyone goes about 10-15m................go to 60m and you'll impress!

    Relax and enjoy

  18. Good luck with it mate you should be fine, my GS did it fine....just remember to head check, even if you do it when taking off every time, its 3 points if you dont head check, 3 points if you knock a cone over and 1 point if you put a foot down.

    You'll be fine :grin:
  19. GOOD ONE WEDGE. Knew you could do it.
    Cheers Lou :grin:
  20. Thanks for that advice! Will follow it. Chris passed his today as well so its my turn now hehe. I laid out the test from the specs and practised heaps, can do it all without any difficulty. Chris said the one we laid out was 3x harder than the actual test so fingers crossed.