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P or L Plates why don't you display them?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Grey Gentry, Feb 10, 2008.

  1. Another thread got me thinking why some of you chose not to display them on your bike when riding.

    Now, when I got my car and bike licences (at 2 different times) I didn't think not to have the plates displayed.

    Some of you chose not to display them.

    What are you reasons?

    Some reasons I can think of are below...
    Do they make you a target?
    Do you need to feel invisible?
    Do you not display them, because you think you don't need them?

    But I want to hear your answers..not my thoughts..I'm just trying to get my head around why.
  2. Crappy 80km/hr speed limits on highways?
  3. You can't take pillions on a restricted licence. That's why some people would take off their plates for the ride and put them back afterwards. Totally irresponsible, I know, but it's been done before.
  4. police target P platers im living proof,
    cops will let the 4 cars in front of me pass just to make room for me and my p plate on in the car at least.

    +speed limit people stare if u do 150 past em on ur L's if u dont have em on gets less attention and then its just another biker hoon
    +lazy and it does fall off alot
  5. i bolt mine to my bike, but they break off only leaving a little bit of the plate.... and well i just leave it at that :p
  6. No legal requirement for me to wear them :D
  7. Im on my fulls
    and still ride with L plates

    safer that way
    Does that incure a fine???
  8. Cops target wankers :LOL:
  9. As it sounds like the 'L' plate is on your forehead, should be no problem.
  10. I think i will actually miss my P plate.

    People seem to give me a nice rear buffer when they see it :)
  11. Fulls :LOL:

    My P plates often fell off when I went on the freeway though.
  12. I've thought about taking them off to do some extended highway speed work but haven't yet.
    They do make you a bit more conspicuous if you are overtaking and stuff I reckon.
  13. It can be a number of things.

    There's definitely the freeway thing... and for me that's where it started... 20 minutes of almost getting blown off the freeway by trucks going 40k/h faster than me on my first trip to Canberra and I pulled into a rest stop to re-evaluate.

    Also if you go out riding with people... even if they know you have a plate and try to stay slow... the speeds tend to creep up and slowing everyone else down or getting left behind are the options. People tend to think, well they're riding really well, they can keep up, it should be fine to go a little faster. If I were responsible... I'd probably do one of those 2 things but... if I'm honest, I love watching as they pull out a little and I get to test myself.

    If I start feeling even a little sketchy then I slow down, it's not to do with the speed cause I could legitimately kill myself and still be doing less than 80 through the twisties (because yes I'm still a learner)... it's about comfort zone.

    I have tried putting the L plate back on twice thinking it would be the responsible thing to do, the first didn't last a day before it (legitimately) blew off. The other I put on Saturday and to be honest when i got home last night it was on it's last legs.

    Before any flaming is to commence..

    To anyone who says is it worth you're license? Well, you tell me that you've never gone over 130k's (instant loss of license/probation speed I think), or even attempted a mono or stoppie on public property, lane split (which are purposeful decisions to break the law) and you can ask that question... if you have, don't give me... it was in the middle of no where... cause you still made the choice. If I can't pick which laws and where to stretch... neither can you!
  14. My 2c worth... (and this is just my opinion)

    First time my L-Plate came off, I had a think about it, and then found a way to attach it in such a way that it wouldn't come off again. It's been about 3 and a bit months now, and my plate has not broken off since. I just accept that one of my legal obligations (which I chose to accept) was that as a novice rider, I would display my L/P plate at all times. I am also quite happy to coast along at 80km/h whilst I am gaining skills and experience.

    When I'm riding with others, I don't really care at what speed they are going. I am concentrating on my own riding, speed and capabilities.

    But hey, each to his/her own. Whether we decide to display or not to display, we all have the freedom of choice, as long as we are willing to deal with the consequences.
  15. + bigchief

    Its the riders choice.

    My P plate has held on to my bike for 3 months now, amazing considering i lightly wedged it under the number plate and used some sticky tape. With the rain we have had in Sydney it trully is a miracle.
  16. or good tape
  17. I always displayed my L plates but I did get awfully sick of drivers going out of their way to try and overtake me when I was at or slightly above the speed limit.

    Since I've had my P's I no longer have that problem but now I find P platers in cars will try to drag me off from the lights. But I can't think of any reason why I wouldn't display it, even if I decided to ride a bigger bike before I was off restrictions I'd still display it to avoid losing points.

    Not that I've decided to do that.
  18. I always thought it made me a target, but my brother has just started riding, he has his L's on and is very impressed at the space and patience cars give him. I said, sure, just you wait, but no, it continues. When he has the indicators on, cars are going out of their way to let him in etc :shock: He is an older learner, has a full car licence, so he has good road knowledge, but i am amazed at how it is going for him. So maybe, most people do treat L's with caution, and the displaying of these plates is a good idea :?:
  19. Wtf? Why?

    Never heard of that before. But, each to their own :)
  20. My better half rides a postie-bike occasionally, and I ask her not to ride with the plate on.

    Why? I've left it on when I've ridden her bike. Drivers tailgate, overtake dangerously and on the left. I've never felt less comfortable on a bike. When you take it off it's like a magic button. I don't understand it, but they seem less likely to want to be ahead of you in a hurry.