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P$*&% Off

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by tkn82, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. In the early hrs of Sunday morning (just past), with my bike parked out the front of my house, with a lock and cover on it, some pissed, ignorant, wanker(s) (pardon my french) thought it would be funny to entertain their almost pea sized brains, by tipping over every motorcycle and scooter in my street.

    My neighbour actually woke me to tell me the bad news as her housemates scooter was also a victim to this senseless "enjoyment". Fort for them no damage to thier's, but my CBR250RR was not so lucky...
    Cracked fairing on the front left side, 2 smashed indicators and cracked fairing around the front indicator, a snapped clutch lever and a cracked and sratched left mirror and some other minor scracthes.
    Having only owned the bike for 2 months I am furious :evil: and the cost to fix will probably amount to around $700-800. :(

    To the jerk(s) that did this...Karma is a biatch and I hope u receive it very soon!!!
    To all bike riders out there thanks for reading and letting me vent...I know u feel my pain


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  2. Wouldn't a Baby-Blade be small enough to be brought inside?

    Either way, bummer....
  3. Unfort not in my house with dual pillars to the front doorstep. Now considering storing somewhere near by to avoid this again
  4. mmm, perhaps see if a nearby mate (or someone who owes you a favour) has a lock-up garage? Still means you've got to stump up for the repairs, though :(.
  5. this seems to be a common thing with pissed bastards, the probably think its a cow and playing cow tipping
  6. Bastards! :evil:

    If some p#ssed b@astard came past & two-bobbed their car, they'd be screaming blue bloody murder.

    Yep, off-street parking if that's at all possible :wink:
  7. I don't think people realise exactly how much it costs to replace a fairing.

    About a month ago I went out to a work lunch and when I came back my bike was lying flat on its side, not even a note or anything. I was absolutely livid (not a good state to be in when your about to go for a ride) even though the damage was minimal. So I've defiantly got sympathy for your situation.

    I wonder if there is a farmers forum somewhere, and some guy just posted about drunk pricks pushing over his cows.
  8. Search for it.

    Bet you don't find it :)
    I had an inspired YouTube search a few weeks ago to see how cow-tipping worked... it is a myth :eek:
  9. fcuking ****s. Is nothing sacred?
  10. Mate of mine brings his bike upstairs to his place every night, via the passenger lift, top form imo
  11. Tough luck dude... You'll choose your next house with this in mind.
  12. That is a horrible story to read.

    Another reason for me to keep the bike in the garage and the Falcon in the driveway.
  13. Man thats terrible.

    I always leave my bike on the inside and the car out.
  14. I just bought a new house, and owning a bike definitely influenced my choice. I refused even to consider any place without a lock-up garage (or carport which could easily be converted).
  15. That sucks dude - sorry to hear. It's a shame you didn't happen to catch them in the act whilst holding a crow bar.

    I just don't get it - I could be blind drunk and touching someone's car/bike wouldn't even enter my head..I'd be more interested in touching my gf's boobies.
  16. i had this happen to me twice in victoria street, potts point when i lived there...i went out and bought some oggy knobs straight away after the first time it happened.....bastards even stole my rjays bike cover once.....

  17. Either assholes, or they just don't understand how expensive it can be to repair a bike from a simple drop. I had no idea before I started riding.
  18. Arc welder.

    Old mate knows what to do.
    Get an old electric arc welder, and reverse wire it, and connect the wires so the chassis of your bike is now the active (insulate the side stand). Then any bastard who touches your bike will turn themselves into the human welding rod, and proceed to melt in to the pavement! But be prepared to go to prison for 8 years for manslaughter!
  19. They used to hang horse theives.
    Arh, the good ole days.

    Some people have such wretched , depressing lives, their only form of enjoyment is to see mischef onto others.
  20. For the record my cows sleep lying down. My horse sleeps standing up.

    Feel you pain mate, I'd be irrate if someone did that to my bike. Sooner or later those guys will get what's coming to them and cop a brick to the back of the head (or something similar).