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P.O.S Dirt Bike for roads

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by bullet21, Feb 16, 2008.

  1. whats up, well not having ridden for 2 weeks i was just thinking about killing myself. But then i thought if it was possible to get an dirt bike for road use. I dont want to spend over say 1500.

    Do you guys n gals think thats reasonable?

    I just want something to fang around on weekends. No commuting or anything just for fun. Ive also heard dirt bikes are much more drop proof than road bikes. IE i can kick it over when i get angry, pick it up, kiss it and ride away. Is this true?

  2. You'll brake clutch and brake levers if you don't get shorty's or put hand guards on. Some of 'em have handlebars and mounts made out of swiss cheese too, but once you get a decent aftermarket set on they're pretty bullet proof.
  3. Just about everyone in Australia wants that. It's very difficult to find and you might not succeed in a year of looking. Try $2500 before you start to find reliable roadworthy examples. Unless you're just in the right place at the right time.

    Not completely, but compared to a roadbike, pretty much true.

    +1 (and tuck away the lights where safe).
  4. :shock: what from just riding or from a drop?

    what is a good model? i know nothing about dirt bikes. Also can they hold highway speeds and stuff? how differant are they too normal road bikes?

    I always see a dude riding a KTM in full dirt get up, from the city to somewhere out my way down burwood highway. IS this anyone here?
  5. I brought an XR400 about 3 months ago more or less for the reasons you mentioned and because there is no way i'd intentionally take the firestorm near a dirt road littlelone the goat trials i have to go through to get to my mums property. i paid a fraction over 3 for it, spent another 250 fixing up electricals, and she is finally getting regoed on monday. you get what you pay for. for 1500 bucks, for something that is running you are talking about an early to mid 80's vintage, then you have to get it road worthy, can be much more difficult than it sounds. electrical faults are a karnt to diagnose.

    if you double your budget it would allow you to buy something that would be worth getting on the road. mind you ive got a friend who wants to sell her TTR225 atm for about $1500 :idea:
  6. Yep, I forgot about blinkers. The solid mounted ones often found on 80's bikes will smash with ease. Get flushmount ones if they will pass roadworthy, or at least some flexible ones.
  7. I got a 1982 XT250 traily in very good nick, with new engine and everything was functional and looked great. It only cost me $1300 and a couple hundred for rego (as it had just expired earlier that week)

    I've had a blast on this thing, and just today did the valve clearances, and am even more rapt with it, as it has finally stopped rattling. Sounds more like a sewing machine than a typewriter now. Goes great for a vintage 250, enough on the road, and great off road where it really performs. You'd think for a vintage bike it would be crap in the dirt, but I've done plenty of trail riding on it, and can't complain, and it's never let me down.

    I plan on keeping this bike as long as possible, even when I go and upgrade, I want to keep it. I'm rebuilding a 550 model of my 250 and I still plan to keep the 250.

    The only thing to take note of is get tyres suited to your intended use, as my Cheng Shin semi-knobby tyres that were new when I bought the bike are now over half worn after less than 2000kms. Probably because I've been using them more on the street, when they're really an aggressive trail riding tyre.

    Dirt bikes are more drop proof than road bikes, though get one with a plastic tank, as the older metal ones (like mine) dent if you drop them. I had a near new tank on mine when I bought the bike, and after some trail riding drops, it is now in need of some body filler and a respray :cry:

    Anyway, get a POS dirt bike, and you'll have more fun on it than you think. You won't regret it, they're tonnes of fun!