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P.i.r.d, 22-8-2011

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by jap, Aug 16, 2011.

  1. :biker: :bolt:

    I'm having another crack at the Island. Short notice I know,SORRY!
    Birthday present from better half.:birthday:

    Far few spots still open.Weather forecast looks good for Monday.

    :D Jap :woot:

  2. See you down there!
  3. Gonna be a good day!
  4. What group are you in?
  5. I'm in white (pussy that I am).

    I jump up to the next group when I can overtake the majority of people in white :)
  6. See you there jap
  7. Yellow for me...
  8. at it again sam? good too se your feeling fit luke!
  9. If you are overtaking bikes in the white group you are ready to move up.

    Don't :busting: yourself, just do it!


  10. Yellow for me, medium slow not very fast at all!

    SammyA, were we in the same pit at the PMCC race school?

  11. See you there too Jap! I'm in yellow.


  12. See you down there mate!

    Don't bring your camera down or you will get booted out[-( [-(

    Sammy A was in the pits with us at PMCC race shool?


    =D> The big green monster is coming:bolt:
  13. Aye, that was me in the pits, we had a netrider line up :D

    Real shame about the camera rule at PI, I've learnt a lot from watching my Broadford and Sandown laps, MotoGP gets to use cameras, feels kinda arbitrary to not allow them on ride days, especially now that so many folks have them.

    I'll be taking it kinda easy, been rethinking my cornering a lot of late, hope the medium group is OK, seemed the best one for my level based on their definitions.

    See you guys Monday, weather forecast is looking awesome, we really lucked in!


  14. Arc,
    You will have no problems running in yellow.(y)

    Jap :biker:
  15. Heya Jap, yeah that was me in the same garage at pmcc race school! I'll see ya down there.. Looking forward to it!
  16. 8-[ see you down there Sammy =D>

    :D Get to bed early mate :blah:

    Jap :biker:
  17. Nighty night..... see you all bright and early in the AM!!!

    Arc, might see you on the road???
  18. Leaving at 5, ETA 7ish :D

    It's going to be an awesome day! See you in the am!

  19. What a fantabulos day to be riding the Island