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P.i.r.d 15/12/2011

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by jap, Dec 2, 2011.

  1. I'm in the yellow group :woot: :woot: :woot:

    (y) Thanks Sammy A.

    Neil (RSV4) is booked in the slow group.

    Jap :biker:

  2. Ditto, yellow, see you there.

  3. Oh nice one, mate!!!
  4. Have you got all your mates organised?:beer:

  5. Yeah everyone is organized. 4 guys from Sydney and a few more from here, a nice array of bikes. Hope the weather is as nice as today!!??
    Can't wait!!!
  6. Booked out I bet :(
  7. I'm riding on the 19th with a crew of guys................get on up mate!!

  8. Garage has been booked guys!!!!
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  9. :angel:
    On ya Gilesy!
  10. In the name of "Net Ryder"? :p

  11. Ha ha... Nah not this time.

    I'll see you all at the gate anyway. Just packing up now to head down, afternoon of catching up with mates and just a couple of beers.
  12. An awesome day! Perfect weather! Great company! Loving the Dunlop Sportsmarts!

    FYI initially ran 27F/28R cold, 34F/35R @ 85C off warmers, last session dropped the rear to 32 hot @ 80C. Was advised to use 34F/32R hot.

  13. I was lucky enough to be in the garage with this young fellow yesterday. Geez he can ride, 1min 40s (P.I) on just about a stock 600.

    A really great bloke, Go Nesto=D>


    Adrian Nestorovic
    Name – Adrian Nestorovic
    Nick name – Age, Nesto
    Age – 19
    Place of birth – Melbourne. Australia
    Current home town – Tubbergen, Netherlands
    Height – 181cm
    Weight – 67kg
    Eye colour – Blue
    Hair colour – Dark blond
    Marital status – Single
    Hobbies – Motor bike riding, keeping fit, hanging out with friends, laying on a beach, jet skiing!

    Favourite food & drink – Spaghetti Bolognese, water
    Music – whatever sounds good to me!
    Film – Scar face, Bad Boys II

    Team for 2011 – MTM – RT Motorsports
    Likes – Eating
    Dislikes – Being borred and not doing anything
    First race – Mini moto at age 12
    First bike – Mini moto 49cc air cooled
    First win – Mini moto age 12
    Favourite race circuit – Portimao, Brno, Nurburgring



    16th European superstock 600 championship final standings

    9th place - Aragon EU Stock 600 championship rd

    9th place - Nurburgring EU stock 600 championship rd

    10th place - Misano EU stock 600 championship rd

    2nd Hughie Hoare Endurance race superstock 600 class

    Set new lap record at Broadford race circuit VIC STK600 class - 58.652 on a Kawasaki ZX6R set on 12/11/11


    1st - Victorian Superstock 600 championship

    3rd - Victorian C - grade Supersport 600 championship

    4th - Victorian Supersport 600 championship

    1st - Australian Formula Xtreme FX 600 C - grade championship

    4th - Australian Formula Xtreme FX 600 championship

    1st - Hughie Hoare memorial endurance race, superstock 600 class

    2nd - Hughie Hoare memorial endurance race, supersport 600 class

    1st - Australasian Formula Xtreme summer series FX 600 C grade Championship

    3rd - Australasian Formula Xtreme summer series FX 600 championship

    Lap record holder at - Broadford Race Circuit VIC - Superstock 600 (59.662) set on a Kawasaki ZX6R 600 on 28/11/10


    2nd - Victorian 125gp championship

    1st - Victorian C - grade 125gp championship

    3rd - Hughie Hoare 44 lap Endurance race

    4th - MRRDA National 125gp championship

    I started racing when i was 12 years old, on mini moto bikes at our local go kart track. In 2006 i graduated to 110cc mini motards and casually rode that a couple of times a month and participated in a few races, winning some of them.

    2007 Was my first year competing Nationally. I was on a Honda CBR 150 in the MRRDA championship. My dad and i had very little experience with road racing so this was a huge learning curve for us. My results were usualy midfield. As the year went on i learnt a lot about how bigger bikes handle at higher speeds. My best national result was a 5th place at Wakefield Park.

    2008 saw me on my first 125 gp bike. My dad bought me a brand new 2008 Honda RS 125. I learnt how to ride it after a few practice days and started racing it shortly after. I set some good times which i was happy with for my first year. I was racing at a few Victorian rounds and a few of the Australian super bike rounds.

    In 2009 my goal was to win the Victorian 125gp championship and the MRRDA 125 gp championship. All was going to plan and i was winning neally every race i did on the bike. At the 4th MRRDA round at Morgan park i crashed on Saturday morning and broke my collar bone. I raced 3 weeks later to get some points in the Victorian championship as i was leading it. At the final round at Broadford i just wasnt as quick as i normally was. It was 5 weeks after my crash so i wasnt at 100% fitness. I did the best i could and ended up losing the 125 championship by 1 point. We still managed to get 2nd in the Victorian championship and i got 4th in the MRRDA championship ( i didnt contest at the first round of the MRRDA as our original plan was to only do the Victorian championship. ).

    In 2010 i had a fantastic year contesting in the Australian Formula Xtreme championship in the FX 600 class and the Victorian superstock 600 class on my Kawasaki ZX6R. I Finished 4th in the FX series and won the Vic superstock 600 championship. It was a huge learning curve for me as it was my first year on a 600.

    In 2011 i am contesting in the European superstock 600 championship. My goal for my first year in Europe is to finish the championship in the top 10 and learn all the tracks.
  14. Great day guys. Thanks again. You guys are a pleasure to head to the track with and always good for a laugh, stories about the last session and always there to help out each other. So thanks!!!

    Glad to see you did some homework on Adrian, Jap. He was sticking with Glenn Allerton on that BMW on most of the track except the main straight, so he can really ride. It was great that he was offering us all up some advise throughout the day and hopefully we can organize another day that he might get along to before he heads back to Europe for next years session.

    Some great pics on sdpics too. Nice work, guys and the knees aren't far away at all!!!!
  15. Did you get your parts ready for Broady?
  16. Nah, giving it miss tomorrow.

    Ordered parts on eBay, while at the track watching this morning from Siberia.