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P.I. 6 hour endurance, join the team

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by Johnny O, Sep 15, 2010.


    Riders - Check
    Gear - Check
    Tyres - Check
    Fuel - Check
    Accommodation - Check
    Entry form - Check
    Entry Fee - Check
    Pit crew - ?????
    Bike - ??????
    Sponsor - ?????

    Sponsor required, do you have a 1000cc streetbike sitting around? would you like to be the predominent naming sponsor of a superbike team at this years 6 hour race event?

    Victorian A grader John Orchard and 09 Victorian Twin-sprint Championship winner Marcus Simpson are teaming up to tackle this years 6 hour endurance race at Phillip Island in December. Television exposure is assured for the event, as well as all the motorcycle media.

    We just need a bike to use, we will prepare it for the track, then return it back to original condition after the event. We only need the loan of the bike for a couple of weeks.

    Please contact either John Orchard or Trish Simpson if you have, or know of someone that can help us with a bike for this event.
  2. What does the pit crew need to do, JO?