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OzRock Promo Vid

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by N*A*M, Jan 24, 2006.

  1. For something a bit different...

    Rockcrawling competition is my other hobby. Here's a promo vid for a relatively new series being run in VIC and NSW. My buggy is the two seater with the black bonnet, red roof, doing the climb towards the end.

    http://pcman.3rdrock4x4.com/oz rock 2006 promo.wmv (right click, save as, 20mb)

    I'm tearing my buggy down after this weekend and rebuilding everything from the frame up. It's gonna be a four seater and will be much nicer to look at. The aim is to tidy the rig up, get more exposure, and have more space for sponsors.

  2. Cool. Might enter my Prado in it :grin: Love the 4 wheel steering too.
  3. Crazy! How do you transport those machines around? Are they road registered?
  4. some are still registered although they wouldn't be road legal. i doubt any would see bitumen at all. a lot of them are custom built from a fresh tube chassis, just like a race/drag car. they get towed on tandem trailers to the competitions.
  5. :mad: :mad: @ time taking to load up

    Will have to try another time. I'd imagine it to
    be fun.. to watch someone else doing it, that is.. :LOL:
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  7. best looking one is the red one 35 seconds in. low c.o.g., 4wheel steer ftw.
  8. they're canberra based as well i believe