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Oz should get "the Big Ruckus"

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by vortexau, Feb 19, 2007.

  1. If only Honda Australia imported their Big Ruckus;

    This is a scooter with attitude! When solo, you've also got a seat back -- (converts to pillion seat).
    Honda link

    There's a whole web-community built mainly around riders of its little brother- the 50cc Ruckus: Battlescooter site
    Ruckus with surfboard
  2. cool would love one to buzz around mornington on. Love the surfboard rack and with those balloon tyres could ride it onto the beach. :cool:
  3. I like the seat, very clever. Now all they should do is put the Silver Wing engine/trans in it.

    Regards, Andrew.
  4. Ugly. Looks like a two wheeled "Jesus Jeep."
  5. Not the yellow! You mean the stolen
    He's righteous - he drinks milk - lotts of it! :cool:
  6. NOT

    according to Honda Australia
  7. I like it. I haven't read the specs but I think it is the spacy witouth the plastics.

    They are making the Helix again too.


  8. the Forza, actually, without the plastics.
  9. wow! that pretty ugly, but you wouldnt tell the owner of one that!!
    it kinda looks beasty after a while :D
  10. The seat looks comfy! :grin:
  11. Scooter surf Board Rack

    Googled and found scootaRack on the web .com
    Have seen lots around look great

    Carver racks so they are as good as they get.

    Anyone got one?

    How is it?

  12. I kinda like it. Looks almost a bit 'military' IMHO.....ie, looks like those WWII mini bikes the army used to drop out of planes on parachutes.......COOL !
  13. Gawd! :shock:

    I think it's ugly as sin.... :p ...but it obviously has fans and a ready made niche market.... Just ain't somethin' I'd be interested in myself *shrugs* another case of each to their own I guess