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Oz only, or can anyone join in??

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by SidecarMonkey, Nov 3, 2007.

  1. Wotcha folks - Marci here - a Brit... residing in Brit land...!

    I race MinimotoSidecars (British Champion `05 & `06 - 4T Class, 3rd place runner up `07 - F2 class - CBR125 engine'd outfit bigbored to 136 with race cam and hicomp piston), ride 2T-125s fer fun, and a CB500 fer regular day to day stuff...

    Figured I'd drop in and say `ello! :cool:

  2. Hey Marci, yeah we let anyone here..........even Poms :LOL:

    Welcome to the forum! By the way what is a Wotcha??
  3. A greeting... "Wotcha" = short for what're you up to / what's up folks etc

    The original "wassup" in the UK.
  4. Ah, Pete, you need to read BIKE, especially the back page OGRI cartoon, your knowledge of British slang will improve dramatically.

    Welcome Marci, that's quite a racing record you've got there. Do you have any plans to graduate to road-racing sidecars in the biggest class? Those things are scary!

    Anyone who loves bikes and riding is welcome on Netrider; we are presently entertaining (well, the single blokes are :LOL:) a young lady from the South of France; she rides a 600 Hornet.

    Enjoy, and post up some pics of your racing efforts, OK?
  5. G/Day Marci, and welcome from downunder :wink: if you ride your one of us i reckon .
    cheers enjoy Bob
  6. G'day mate. If they let me on here,they'll take you too. Piccies of racebike please.
  7. I'll have to check it out.
  8. Welcome to NR.. Where you could meet some of the strangest people.. :LOL:
  9. Hi Marci, do you follow the cricket at all?............................ :twisted:
  10. Shhhhh!!! or he'll mention the rugby :LOL:

    Welcome Marci to downunder lunacy!!!!!!!!!!! :grin:
  11. Welcome to Netrider.
    Always found sidecar racing fascinating. At the risk of starting a long debate just who exactly has the harder job - the rider or the "other one"?
  12. Hi Marci, How mant entrants on the grid in your class? Also look forward to seeing some racing pics. What circuits do you race on? Su.
  13. +1

    But i'd keep my eye on this one... don't trust those poms. make sure we flag this guy, or get some police tape :LOL: :LOL:
    Welcome btw
  14. as long as you dont offer us a Forsters' then I reakon your all good (there's a good reason we export that stuff) :grin:
  15. I don't think you export a lot of Fosters to Blighty at all, it's been brewed in the UK since the 70's