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N/A | National [Oz] National Transport Commission reckons the NRSS is weak.

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by robsalvv, Feb 22, 2011.

  1. The NTC has just alerted all those on it's mail list that it's produced a response to the NRSS... and reckons that the NRSS hasn't tried hard enough.

    Here's the press release, formatting has been added for emphasis.

    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

    So... their submission is three pages long, completely ignores all the flaws in the NRSS, completely ignores the part the road user has to play in a safer future and includes such beige nuggets as:

    "NTC believes that the Vision set out in the draft Strategy does not reflect the full extent of Australia’s ambition to prevent unnecessary death and injury on our roads."

    "This vision can be achieved if the community as a whole makes a fundamental change in the way it thinks about road safety and what it is prepared to accept."

    "It is notable that the overwhelming majority of actions identified within the draft Strategy are to be taken by government agencies. This is appropriate, as government has an obvious major role in providing the physical and regulatory environment in which road transport takes place."

    "Consequently, we recommend that the modelling work undertaken by the Monash University Accident Research Centre to support the initiatives and targets within the strategy should be made public to enable an informed debate about the merits and potential impact of the specific elements within the draft Strategy."

    "As Australia was one of the sponsors of the motion in the General Assembly of the UN to establish the Decade of Action, we are disappointed with regard to the target itself."

    "The creation of a new National Road Safety Strategy provides an opportunity for Australia to significantly reduce the unacceptably high number of deaths and injuries that result from use of our roads. The measures within the draft Strategy are capable of delivering even greater improvements than have been achieved over the past decade, but only if they are effectively implemented."

    Your road system, is about to get a whole lot more beige.


  2. Overview of the Australian Auto clubs submission is here.

    They also think the target is too weak and that the road user has much of a part to play in safety. It's now all over to roads and better cars. They're totally behind better safer road systems. Interestingly, they don't support the focus on speed enforcement nor do they support total ban of mobile phones.

    The full AAA submission is here: http://www.aaa.asn.au/documents/submissions/2011/AAA Submission to the draft NRSS 2011-20.pdf
  3. What argument do you really have against this?

    Do you want a higher road toll? At least these people are doing something to reduce the toll, rather than actively encourage people to get themselves or others killed.
  4. Man there are soooo many road bodies who are linked and advising the ATC... just came across another one, the ACRS. http://www.acrs.org.au

    Have a gander at what it says in part of it's NRSS submission:

    "The Draft lacks analysis of why the previous target was not achieved. This is in spite of a clear statement in the previous strategy that its success would be assessed against three specific criteria. While this analysis may well have taken place, its omission from the Draft leaves the impression that this is a discrete exercise rather than a developing, consistent one. It would appear that the excess of fatalities above the 2010 target can be explained largely by increased exposure occasioned by motorcycle and road freight traffic exceeding that anticipated in the 2000-10 strategy but the Draft does not comment on this. In any future strategies such discussion would be helpful. ACRS was advised during the phone link up of what was regarded as having been successful - random breath testing, seat belts, infrastructure , drug and alcohol testing, novice drivers( though more could be done), speed and improved vehicle safety. Making this clearer in the Draft would demonstrate that success has been achieved and lead into discussion of the need to engage all members of the community in order to further improve road safety."

    Fark me. The reason the target wasn't achieved is the incessant focus on speed - not motorcycling fatalities. FFS?!!
  5. I know you know what the arguments are.

    You know, I almost called the thread "The NTC out beiged beige.racer"... I should probably edit that title. :)
  6. A whole new industry has sprung up right under our noses, and they'll keep themselves in a job solving the unsolvable for years to come.

    Much like the Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Foundation which preyed on people's fears and collected millions of dollars off the population promising solutions until they had no option but to resort to quackery. In the meantime lives continued to be lost and the guilt was laid at the feet of the parents for not following their ridiculous advice.
  7. It's like a competition to be the most extreme and draconian on riders and drivers, i wonder where the wider publics breaking point is, because most seem either unaware or not worried, and motoring bodies like our nrma in nsw seem to be well in bed with the governments