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<OZ MOTOGP SPOILER>Well that was boring.

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by fekkinell, Oct 18, 2009.

  1. Congratulations to Stoner.

    That though, was the most boring race I've ever seen.

  2. Re: Well that was boring.


    Though the 125 and 250 races were tops! Pity the premier class can't be that close, it's getting a bit F1 like (pre-2009)
  3. Re: Well that was boring.

    Please insert SPOILER: many will not want to have the result displayed and discussed yet :evil:.
  4. Re: Well that was boring.

    Ya reckon?????
  5. Re: Well that was boring.

    Boring? Fekkinell, you've got to be kidding! That was tops. quality race craft by all concerned! (except jorge)!
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  7. Re: Well that was boring.


    saying sorry doesn't insert SPOILER in the thread title.....
  8. Re: Well that was boring.

    Well how do I do that? :S
  9. Re: Well that was boring.

    Don't worry about it, the race was shown live all round Australia, it's not like many people will not know the result, spoilers are more for late at night and people tape the race.
  10. Re: Well that was boring.

    Hmm... That's kinda what I figured.
  11. Re: Well that was boring.

    Was there something that I missed? The opening lap was interesting then it was a procession after that. 125s had 7 bikes fighting for the lead, there was no challenge for the lead at all in MotoGP. Yawn.
  12. Re: Well that was boring.

    or those of us at work :/ and recording
  13. Re: Well that was boring.

    Rossi was never more than a second or two behind; that's not (potentially) challenging for the lead???
  14. Re: Well that was boring.

    Exactly. Turn 1 and I thought 'this is going to be good'.

    Then there was nothing. Might as well have been a parade. :(
  15. Re: Well that was boring.

    my point exactly, but when another mod says it doesn't matter, then I guess you don't matter :roll:......
  16. Re: Well that was boring.

    As soon as that sign came out saying Lorenzo had crashed Rossi was never going to risk it. He obviously didn't challenge for the lead once as he wasn't going to risk the championship. Can't argue with his logic, but it is boring.
  17. Re: Well that was boring.

    none of this matters a damn; the top item on news.com.au is an article on interpreting people's eyebrows, that's how important MotoGP is to the rest of the world....
  18. Re: Well that was boring.

    did you do the same when the grand finals were on?
  19. Re: Well that was boring.

    Ha ha ha! I just worry for the direction of MotoGP. F1 has already show that no one likes procession races, they want close racing. And for 3rd place to be 20 seconds behind, with another big gap to 4th makes for dull racing. It seems to be going down the same road, like with using expensive exotic materials, ECU's, etc, and the Superbikes are only a few seconds behind at a fraction of the cost!
  20. Re: Well that was boring.

    It dosen't make sense that Rossi would take it easy once Lorenzo was out.

    Shouldn't that mean that he can now go for broke and if he dnf's he won't lose any points to Lorenzo?

    Anyway, the race for the lead was tense, I was expecting Rossi to pounce at any point. Great stuff by Stoner to keep it together. It was also interesting seeing the opposite way their bikes behaved, with Rossi on rails and Stoner sliding the rear all over the place.

    There have been far more boring races this season than today.