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OZ GP ride - Bikers behaviour

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Brian26146, Oct 15, 2005.

  1. Well what did everyone think of the ride?

    I thought it was great. Yeah?

    Except for some of the effing idiots.

    3 NSW riders passing at high speed in the emergency lane. If you bastards read this, eff off back to whatever shithole you come from and don't endanger our riders. You are not welcome. As for the stupid Vic riders doing the same, perhaps you go with them.

    Now for the Tas rider with a very young pillion. You are a complete half barained idiot.
    This bastard nearly hit every bike he came near. At one stage as there was a slow down teh bike next to me was abreast with me in the lane. This arsehole came through between us and almost hit my daughter. Then he is weaving in and out almost touching every bike.

    I saw him stop and thought 'good'. No, the idiot turned up again and did the same thing again. Pal, if you read this, I hope I see you again without your pillion. Same advice for you as for those from the north, eff off and don't disgrace riders here.

    Fair dinkum, all the riders were on public display today and a large number made fools of all of us by their behaviour. No wonder the public thinks we are bad on the road.

    I can slightly understand bikers giving cars the shit, but these idiots do the same to other bikers.

    While I do not wish serious harm to anyone, I hope they all develop piles. It will give them an inkling to what they are.

    What did everyone else think?
  2. Geez brian, in a big group you're going to get a percentage of dingbats, no matter where they come from. I'm not defending 'em, but that sort of stuff is pretty well inevitable on a day like today isn't it?

    Connected to which, where were all the police I keep hearing about? I'm home now after four days riding in city and country Vic and I saw ONE police car! I bet you wish it was like that all the time, eh?

    I can only hope the good behaviour of the majority is what is noted, not the poor behaviour of a few!
  3. Well, the last 6 years I have one it, I have seen some dopes, but nothing like today, absolutely.

    I have seen and did again today, passing on d/lines, speeding etc, but most of them were clear of other riders. Wheel stands etc are dangerous but not in the same league in my opinion. These bastards were within touching distance. That idiot from Tas almost brushed my shoulder and I really thought he was going to hit Trish. As I had a pillion child as well, my angst may be higher than normal, but there is no excuse acceptable for his behavior. None. Just think, if he had hit Trish, she would be down, he and his kid, and probably me with mine and others around him. No sorry for whatever anyone thinks, but you can and should be able to have a ride without that behaviour.

    I didn't see any police bikes in the field at all. I was dissapointed in that.

    I know the Marshalls were stretched thin as well but perhaps that is something the organisers (and it is not a critisism) should think about next year. Riding Marshalls. In the field.
  4. I have to agree fully with you brian......I was a bit nervous of so many bikes on the road and I was as prepared as i could be for it I guess, but yeay that idiot undertook me at some high speed and cruised up the centre line only to sweep off to the left to undertake in the emergency lane....WTF !
    I had notices a few of the Harley riders showing off a bit too, why ? beats me....
    I did see a hell of a lot of Wa***s passing me and I was sitting on the limit so they must have far exceeded that.
    But something was bound to come a cropper....and on the way home it did. i left the island around 4ish and on the way back i sat at the limit like i do not wanting to get into bother as im a very new rider. Then this bunch of NSW tossers overtook undertook nearly clipping my bar on the way past and on double white lines too....then they all undertook in the emergency lane to get past a caravan which had to weave into the middle of the road to avoid hitting a few as the lane merged. Then from nowhere came 2 cop bikes past me and signaled me to slow back and in the distance i see some flashing lights........6 of them got pulled over and booked and I went past with my birdie finger up .

    If you want to show of then sod off to your own turf and do it as some guys here actually enjoy the ride and dont want to be harrassed and bullied off the road by tossers with a hoon attitude. Especially when the roads are so busy with people and families trying to enjoy the GP. 4 out of 6 of the bikes stopped where from NSW.....HHmmmm.

    I enjoyed my ride today and i was thrilled at taking part in the GP run, they didnt spoil it for me but it could have been more a dramitic outcome if something worse had happened.
  5. hi i ride every day in Melbourne traffic and would have to say todays Cranbourne - island ride will be the last one for us way more danger ! a special thanks goes out to the group of L & P platers doing mach2 in a big group (not my problem if you die just don`t take another rider down with you) and the harley sporster rider who did a right hand turn into our path near Kilkunda how the f are you still alive !
  6. Ahhhh, I bet it was a group led by John Karmouche :D:D:D:D:D:D:D
  7. I did the GP Run several years ago and said I'd never do it again. Just too many idiot's, wannabe's, and wankers. Too many accidents too.
  8. It's not often that you can watch a boxing match in a pub without getting the opportunity to see two drunk meatheads boxing on out the front afterwards either.

    Most of us grow out of the need to emulate others somewhere after puberty, but idiots will be idiots. Taking risks with your own life is a choice you get to make, putting other lives at risk isn't. But, again, idiots will be idiots.

  9. We elected not to do the GP run yesterday, deciding to get an early seat on the fence at Lukey instead, but we did hear about the it.... and are bloody glad we didn't participate. A lot of guys were saying the same thing .."never again"

    Do the run out of Bairnsdale for Barry Sheen.....shit loads of fun and what a high..
  10. I went on the run yeaterday was my very first time :D I even got to ride my own bike had it for three months and was off the road for 2 of them :( Anyway lol, Lucky for me I not once come across any of these riders or I would have shat myself lol :) I really had a wonderful ride and although was buggered by the time I got home am looking forward to next year already hopefully on a bigger bike ;)

    Cheers Lainie :p
  11. It is a real shame to see or hear people will give this ride a miss in future because of the idiots behaviour. I would urge them not to miss it.
    I think we should do something about it.

    I am going to raise the issue on the MRAA site for them to ponder and perhaps get more police involvement in the ride itself. I am not blaming the MRA by any stretch of the imagination, but I have to start somewhere. I cannot go to the police or council. I think the MRA should bring it up with them.

    It really showed me the lack of repect some people have, and worse the lack of skills as well. Most of the stupidity was not by L or P platers either. I read a lot of posts from bikers about lack of respect from car drivers, but this shows there is rot within the ranks, and it stinks. I hope none of the idiots were Netrider or MRA riders.

    In Cowes I approached the last roundabout and had my right blinker on. I was right over to the right of the lane. As I was turning some stupid idiot tried to overtake me on my right and we brushed shoulders. That stupid biatch got an earful on the spot as she had to stop.

    As I go up the road, I decided to do a U turn. I stopped on the shoulder and looked both ways. All clear for at least 100m. I make my turn and suddenly there is a bike coming across the road at 45 degrees from the other side. Bloody moron. Worse he was on a beemer. Should be banned from having one. He would/should have looked and he would have seen me making the turn. I was over the white line when he nearly hit me. If I hadn't straightened I was gone.

    I was glad to be parked.

    On the road home we saw a car bingle just out of Cowes.

    Near Pakenham there was a ambulance helicopter parked on the roadway. I was told it was a car smash. Don't know any other details.

    What a day.
  12. there was also a smash just outside cranbourne and I had a front row seat. I pulled up to a set of lights just as they changed to amber so i slowed down and when it hit red the guy behind me in a cage pulled left and bolted through only to meet a 4x4 ute coming from right. The ute hit him on the nose and he span accross into the traffic waiting on the left which destoyed 4 cars i reckon. I got a bit of a sprey with glass and flyin debris so I pulled off the road and luckily the gys in a car further back were off duty cops who witnessed the whole thing so I left to get home before it was my turn to come a cropper.....

    Yes.......what a frikin day....!!!!
  13. Hey brian,

    You shoud've been there for the ride home from the Island tonight,
    Its amazing the number of riders who take on a bus just to get that extra second.

    Some of them seem to loose a great many IQ points once they put on the flashy leathers and hop on those sports bikes..
  14. The MRA have no control over it anymore, since they allowed the council and GP corp to take it over.
  15. Yeah like the MRAA lost their road traffic authority badges,
    do you really think the sherrif rides into town and makes the marshalls all
    deputies for the day ?

    Police are the only ones with the power to do anything once the ride starts,
    and the riders are on public roads.
  16. spot on
  17. Was going to go yesterday but decided to help a mate instead. By the sounds of it looks like i made the right choice.
  18. Yes I understand that. My point was that I can only go to the MRA to get them to go to the Council, cops etc.

    Something must be done before we start posting deaths or serious injury.

    Once these F-heads get away with it, they will do worse next time. Others will see them get away with it and emulate them.

    I heard quite a few comments at the island that could only belong to the mentally deranged about what they think is proper behaviour on the road.

    I was following a couple of harleys and the rider in front was obviously a wanker by the way he rode. His mate pointed at a 'do not overtake' sign and wagged a finger at him. The mutton brained idiot immediately swerved out and overtook 2 other bikes and then had to test his brakes because they suddenly slowed. His mate came up to him and they appeared to think it funny. Still I expected as much from them.
    Did I just have a shot at canhardleys? Nah, just the idiot in front of me.

    Puzzles me how people so young can have such a shitty atitude to other road users.

    Gav, I was only saying earlier I might drive the car over next year to see them all coming home. Would be a sight to see.
  19. The amount of money people spend on a bike is no guarantee of responsible ownership or riding. In fact I suspect with the demographic that certain bikes attract, that many of the owners treat them as an excuse for bad behaviour. Sigh, in the meantime, we get the bad press.....
  20. I had a great time on the GP run, this being the 2nd I've taken part in, (did it last year) ... I started about halfway back through the pack I'd guess. Maybe this helped in some ways as by Tooradin most of the idiots had pretty much made their stoopid passing maneouvres and were long gone ahead of me. My partner videoed the whole run from our perspective from the back of my bike and apart from the odd twit here and there shooting between us and others adjacent to us all was good.

    I didn't hear the fate/condition/circumstances etc of whoever it was went down before the Koo-Wee-Rup turnoff .. but there was a set of pretty decent gouge marks in the righthand lane and a bunch of bikes on the verge on the left and one or two on the right in the general area there.
    Hope all involved are okay!!

    Basically everyone around me/us were great, signalling for changing lanes/position, telegraphing slowing down/stopping by flashing their brake lights .. lots of eye contact via mirrors and plenty of hand/leg signals too.

    Pretty much travelled at or below the speed limit the whole way and thoroughly enjoyed looking ahead down the road at the huge mass of bikes as far as you could see ... whadda buzz!!!

    To see the folks/kids lining the roadside cheering and waving etc along the way was awesome!!!

    As has been said previously .. you're going to get some idiots in a group that large but from what I saw they were definitely a minority. I can't think of a single car/bike race meeting/event that I've been to over the last 30 years or so where there wasn't some twit/idiot/wannabe/showoff who didn't drop a wheelie/ pop a mono or some other such "lookatme" behavior going to/at/or leaving said events. Unfortunately it happens, but that hasn't been enough to stop me experiencing some of the best times I've ever had.

    Anyways .. whadda weekend ... bootiful weather ... heaps of bikes ... heaps of good folk ... a great ride .. spectacular racetrack etc etc etc etc etc ... ROLL ON MotoGP '06!!! :D :D :D