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Oyster Frenzy - Tonight, The Bot Hotel. Interested ?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by doonx, Sep 3, 2007.

  1. TONIGHT !!!!!!

    The Botanical Hotel
    169 Domain Rd
    South Yarra

    All the freshly shucked Oysters, Champagne, Wine, Beer and (especially for this year's event) GIN you can consume from 6:00pm - 9:00pm!!!!

    I have a ticket to this sold out event if anyone is interested, it'll cost you the face value of $65.

    PM/Email me - you know you want to - :grin:
  2. Right then. I'll stay right away from Doonks for the next few days, and keep my back to the wall.

    I have a theory about the "aphrodisiac" qualities of oysters. I believe that because they're so salty and slimy and lumpy, if a woman eats one she's basically demonstrating that she'll swallow ANYTHING.
  3. I'm going for a new record tonight, 4 Dozen Natural, all chewed !

    Look out Tam, you're in SERIOUS trouble around 10:00pm !!!!
  4. Wonderful...the mere sight of oysters makes me sick...so no, I don't swallow "ANYTHING" :p :LOL:
  5. Not even your own booga? :LOL:
  6. well this has turned into one of th ebest for sale threads i have read in a while :LOL:
  7. Think this answers your question...

    :twisted: :p
  8. will one of you, please, just let me know that you'd love to come and take this ticket off my hands......

    C'MON !!!!!
  9. Well sounds like a great night... but i cannot make it... aren't you going?
  10. Damn! If I wasn't working until 7pm I'd take it...mmm...oysters!!! =P~
  11. Damn Doonx. I'd love to go. Just out of curiosity, do they do these nights often? I'd love to take my Dad.
  12. booga - yes I am going, Tam just can't make it, thus the extra ticket.

    IDV : it's an annual event. Contact the Hotel and get your name on the mailing list


    Thanks guys

  13. rosie after the chit chat here yo umight of been better to pm doonx :LOL: :wink: and loz your in luck :LOL:
  14. Nah thanks Stewy, I'm not that interested in Rosie's dad. I'm sure he has a great personality though.
  15. :shock: Not exactly sure what you're insinuating there Stewy...not exactly sure I want to know either. :LOL:

    *makes note to self to read other peoples posts properly before adding to the thread* :LOL:

    ps...I'm maori, we eat anything ;) :p :LOL:
  16. OK guys - I survived.

    8 Asahi's

    6 Oyster Kilpatrick
    6 Oyster Tempura
    38 Oyster Natural

    that's a total of 50 Oysters !

  17. :shock: :cry:

    That would have cost you over $100 anywhere else... sounded great...