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Oxley Hwy closed in Nov 2016?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Pepper, Sep 6, 2015.

  1. Hopefully In right section.....
    I just heard that the oxley highway will be closed for 8 hours in November next year for some kind of road time trial event. It will be closed from the bottom of the mountain to yarrowich and apparently professional riders will be time trialling at 30 second intervals. Not sure if it's open to the immediate public. Heard from a reliable source. Here's hoping it's true.

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  2. Its probably the road pushies, they are always closing roads down here for races.
  3. I did ask if it was push bikes, but I'm told it's definitely motorbikes.
  4. Google doenst have anything except this thread.

    I would have expected the road closure to be gazeted by now if its only five monhs away.
    rms road closures - Google Search
  5. November 2016. Not 2015
  6. Maybe its about that Time Trial closer to the Queensland border,it happened last year with the Queensland cops pulling it up.Forget its name.Great idea but getting it to happen with the cops happy is a major hassell, Lions Rd TT I think?
  7. Deffo for the oxley highway. I was talking to a member of the council involved.
  8. Its not even a council road. Its a state road. RMS will have jurisdiction.
  9. Ok mate. Pick it the fcuk apart then. Just thought people may have found it interesting and something to keep an ear out for ffs. Just something I heard from someone knows what they are talking about. Take it with as many grains of salt as you like, I'm not gonna enter a 'prove it' match.
  10. G'day PepperPepper, sounds very interesting! If you hear any more about it keep us updated; I would love to know if a road time trial event was successfully launched in Australia.
  11. Man if i believed and reported every bullshit my mates fed me there would be some truly stupid threads on this forum.
  12. Geez wizz bloke, as I said before, I thought it may be interesting for some folk and something to keep an ear out for.
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