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Oxley Highway

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Davenguz68, Sep 19, 2016.

  1. Hi all. I have heard that another great road has gone by the wayside. With speed limits along this great road dropping by 10-20kmph. The commissioned report suggested around 14 ways to improve the safety on the road including road upgrades, removal of unsafe barriers and roadside obstacles, but the only one that they seem interested in is lowering speed limits. Any thoughts???

  2. My thoughts scream nooooo! But if the tight twisties don't go below 80 I'll still be going every opportunity.
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  3. News to me...there is road work happening but the only lowered speed limits that I have seen were temporary road work ones.
    Rock falls really are a hazard on the stretch up from Ellenborough and should be taken with caution as basket ball sized rock falls are not uncommon :woot:
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  4. My issue is that I've seen this sort of approach on many local roads. The road surface deteriorates, the road becomes dangerous at the existing speed limit. The speed limit is reduced as it's cheaper to do that than repair the road. However, once reduced, the reasoning seems to be "the speed limit is appropriate for the road condition, so the road doesn't need to be repaired." You end up with lousy, bumpy, spine mashing roads, that just never improve.
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  5. All the hand wringing about the road toll at holiday time allows THEM the licence to do anything they like. Its already happened on all the good bike roads within a days travel from Sydney. There are gates on all the 4 wheel drive tracks, jet skis are severely restricted, we have these lock out laws, parking costs a fortune at the beach, any form of hooning is cracked down on . Almost time to give up and just watch the box for any fun. Its a sad state of affairs that we have descended to, all this constraint inflicted might explain some antics displayed by the young. Gives me a nice safe feeling for the future.
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  6. Yay! Looks like the petition had some effect.
    Brakes pumped on change
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  7. Oxley Highway Wauchope to Walcha New Speed Zones
    Latest update
    OCT 7, 2016 — People power has won us a stay of execution. After a meeting at Mt Seaview with RMS representatives on the 27th of September I am happy to announce that from the issues raised at that meeting, the RMS have decided to do a review on the 70k zone and a decision will be made before Xmas. So we have had a fairly big win and have made the RMS think twice. Let’s keep the pressure on and please get as many people as you can to sign.
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  8. I voted - I hope all NSW Netriders did too!
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  9. Not just all NSW riders... It should be any rider from Oz that likes touring too!
  10. I got to do the Oxley last w/end. Still has the good speed, but it's only a stay of execution. We need to keep the pressure on the powers that be. Hope you all sign the petition.
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